US quadruples import tariff for Chinese EVs to 100%

14 May 2024
Batteries haven't been spared either.

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  • Zero ghost

AMERICANS.... what do you expect.. Nice thing is Europe hit American imports of tesla with 25% as well

  • Anonymous

This has the same vibes as brazil and their taxes on electronics.

Unless Chinese EV manufacturer would be incredibly desperate and accept these terms, you can expect US to have the worst EV platforms on the market.
If you ignore Tesla and something like Rivian, there is not really a good EV platform available on the US market.
You certainly can't expect Ford or GM to come up with anything competitive.

Well there is an option, US will copy the Chinese market requirements they had years ago, when you can have a joint venture with local brands ... it would be incredibly ironic.

  • ProMax Ultra

babalenkin, 15 May 2024So instead of pushing the American manufacturers to lower the price and make better cars, they... moreDid you seriously believed that all this time they cared about their citizens.
America is the perfect example of what happens when you let corporate & money to weild power.
Sabotaging competition, Ruckus in Middle East, Collapse of society...but who cares about surface feeders,all this world should being to the elites.

  • Akinaro

"protect American manufacturers"
there no such thing... US import EVERTYTHING today, mostly from china.
Even Tesla is not really American as huge chunk of its work, materials and R&D is outside.

  • babalenkin

So instead of pushing the American manufacturers to lower the price and make better cars, they are punishing the regular american by preventing him to buy a very good car for waaaay less money? Amazing.

  • Anonymous

How can the planet be living in such a nightmare?

  • Anonymous

I love free trade but only if we're the ones winning. -USA