Jeep takes aim at Tesla Model Y with Wagoneer S

23 May 2024
Jeep's upcoming Wagoneer S electric SUV aims to dethrone Tesla with superior performance and a longer range, exceeding {{300 miles}}.

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  • Benjamin

Did you know that you could buy almost two Model Y for the price of this Jeep? They conveniently left that out in the ad.

  • anton

The video is cool, and the styling is on point, I really like it.

Bob , 24 May 2024If they're comparing the the Tesla model y then surely it must be priced like the model y... moreIt will be most likely be priced $80k+, which puts it in comparison with the Model X.

I also like how they compared the range to the Model Y performance because it has lower range, but then the specs of the Wagoneer S are not comparable with the performance MY. The Long Range Model Y which has 320mile range would be a better comparison in performance, but the Wagoneer has the price tag of the Model X...and the MX has 330 mile range, with 7 seat option.

If you are going to write a comparison article, try to at least compare apples to apples.

  • Brendan 0

Jeep may be entering the ev market, but claiming to challenge Tesla's dominance with one luxury SUV is quite ambitious. Tesla has a proven track record and a loyal customer base that won't be easily swayed.

  • Bob

If they're comparing the the Tesla model y then surely it must be priced like the model y right? Right? Because it would not make sense to price it like the model x and compare to the model y...

If it is priced like the model y, I'd take it over the model y but that would mean this EV is the cheapest Wagoneer and I don't have high hopes for that.

If they are going to start at $80k and are trying to appeal to a crowd that wants a bit more off-roading capabilities and a more luxury than the model y with improved range, let me introduce you to the already available Rivian R1S which can be configured to accelerate quicker, on paper go up to 400 miles, has 3 rows of seating. I just do not see the advantage of this Jeep but maybe I'm missing something?

  • Anonymous

The gas powered Wagoneer is significantly larger than the Model Y. Will the EV Wagoneer be smaller then?

That said, the Wagoneer is also $80k+ and often times over $ if the EV is even more expensive, I doubt they move many units.