Electric Honda Civic Type-R will only be possible with solid-state battery

06 November 2022
The CEO of Honda points at solid-state batteries as the only solution for fast and lightweight Type-R models.

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geemy, 14 Nov 2022EVs are not "powerless at high speed" it's actually much easier to make very p... moreyou got plenty of free time writing an article.I will keep it short.you gave the only 2 EV cars on the planet that can maintain power till their top speeds.one of them was tesla plaid and it can maintain power upto 270kmh (no mods) as opposed to officially promised 320kmh.besides,petrol cars with half the power of plaid can reach 320kmh. your other example was clearly rimac nevera and it still has low top speed for its power.rimac nevera 420kmh@2000hp vs bugatti chiron 490kmh@1600hp.the majority of the EV cars like 200-300hp can barely exceed 180kmh and they lose 30-40% of power after 120-130kmh.EV weight is always more than petrols and that is a downside for a sports handling (no problem for a familiy car). since this is a TypeR topic, I was writing in a sports car perspective.

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yalim, 09 Nov 2022no need to lauch an EV type R. EV adds nothing to sports driving experience.it is noiseless,so... moreEVs are not "powerless at high speed"
it's actually much easier to make very powerful EVs vs gas cars (just look at 1000hp family sedan quicker than any stock gas car including super/hyper cars, 1000hp SUV quicker than supercars in a straight line with 6 passengers, 500hp midsize crossovers , 1000hp pickup trucks and SUVs that do 0-60 in 3s, 2000hp hypercard that can do 250+mph and half a second quicker than any gas hypercar), because electric motors are so much more compact light and simple. you can also easily slap 2, 3 or four of them and have "free" AWD and torque vectoring without differentials, shafts etc.they produce full torque at 0 rpm so you also get rid of the clutch or torque converter, they rev much higher and they make power everywhere so you can also delete the gearbox. no vibration either so they can just be bolted. they are way more reliable so no maintenance, no wasted heat / gas so no exhaust, much smaller cooling system. they are so reliable and resilient to shocks and vibrations you can even put them in the wheels in slower vehicles. you can also use Regen to increase braking power, reduce disc and pads wear, and increase efficiency/range.
about engine noise, let's be honest, being loud is not going to save the combustion engine. even sports cars are progressively all getting turbo charging, soft rev limiter, and fake sounds

batteries are the only downside to EV's, but even a heavy EV is more efficient than a lightweight gas car, weight is low so you have less body roll even in crossovers / SUVs / trucks.
you can somehow compensate weight with bigger/wider wheels, discs, which gas car are also getting since they are also getting heavier, Regen makes braking more powerful.

there will be more and more ev sport cars as combustion engine R&D is quickly dying, electric racing series will gain momentum, emissions laws are killing enthusiasts gas cars, big naturally aspirated engines with 6/8/10/12 cylinders, RWD and manual transmissions, people don't buy 2 doors or even sedans, even sports/exotic/luxury car manufacturers only make money thanks to crossovers and SUVs (Porsche/lamborghini/ferrari/Aston Martin/Bentley/rolls Royce even McLaren and lotus are making SUVs)
the place where gas car are going to survive for a while is modding/tuning scene since EVs are still mostly only tunable through software and it's still very limited, since only Tesla EVs get enough attention to generate a market for aftermarket/performance parts. like the Tesla plaid that run 218mph, more than 40mph over the restricted speed. or the piggy back devices to unlock more power in some models.
but with aftermarket controllers you could easily increase rpm/power/top speed, amps/torque, or improve endurance with better cooling. all with little risks or impact on reliability since electric motors usually have thermal management

no need to lauch an EV type R. EV adds nothing to sports driving experience.it is noiseless,soulless,powerless at high speeds,heavy to reduce handling and breaking.EV is a good transformation for daily family cars but,not for sports cars.

It is always great to see a manufacturer taking their time perfecting the process to deliver on their (and customer) vision and not just releasing something with big compromises, because they feel an even bigger urge to make some short-sighted quick buck.