Nio to spin off battery unit

Max McDee, 07 December 2023

Nio, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, is preparing to sell its battery manufacturing unit. The decision comes as part of Nio's strategy to enhance its profitability, streamline operations, and compete more effectively in the fast-paced world of electric cars.

According to a recent report by Reuters, Nio is planning to spin off its battery manufacturing unit by the end of this year. This bold step is seen as a way for the company to attract external investors and streamline its operations further. The valuation of this new entity will be determined at a later date, once external investors are on board.

The move is indicative of Nio's commitment to achieving profitability as fast as possible. While the initial plan was to produce batteries internally, the company now appears to be shifting towards outsourcing production to reduce costs.

Nio plans to spin off battery unit in pursuit of profitability

As part of the spin-off, Nio intends to transfer top engineers from its battery division to the newly formed company. Meanwhile, some employees will be integrated into Nio's other divisions to optimize efficiency.

This restructuring might be Nio's response to the growing demand for large cylindrical batteries, similar to Tesla's 4680 cells, which are projected to play a pivotal role in the EV industry. Nio aims to mass-produce these batteries in a new facility in China's Anhui province by 2025.

Assets set to be divested in this spin-off may include said factory, test equipment, and intellectual property related to battery production. While specifics remain undisclosed, this strategic move suggests that Nio is willing to part with key assets to achieve its broader objectives.

Nio plans to spin off battery unit in pursuit of profitability

Nio's Founder, Chairman, and CEO, William Li, recently stated that in-house battery manufacturing may not significantly improve gross margins within the next three years. And his company is now exploring alternative strategies to achieve profitability.

Despite the spin-off, Nio remains committed to advancing its core technologies, ensuring it maintains a competitive edge in the EV market. The company will continue to invest in battery cells, materials, and packs while shifting production responsibilities to external partners.

Interestingly,in June 2022, Li confirmed the company's plans to develop its own batteries, boasting a battery team of over 400 researchers dedicated to advancing battery materials, cells, and management systems. Nio's battery production ambitions mirror the broader trends in the EV industry, where companies must continuously adapt to market dynamics and embrace new strategies to succeed.



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