Nissan unveils four concept EVs at Beijing Auto Show

Max McDee, 25 April 2024

At the ongoing Auto China 2024, Nissan pulled the covers off four innovative concept vehicles designed specifically for the Chinese market, each a vision of how future mobility might look and feel. Alongside these futuristic creations, Nissan highlighted its commitment to electrifying its lineup, promising five new EV options in China by 2026.

First up is the sleek and sophisticated Nissan Epoch. It targets city dwellers who see their cars as an extension of their lifestyle. This EV sedan is packed with AI-powered tech features, boasting an onboard virtual assistant that responds to your emotions, aiming to enhance your everyday commute.

The Nissan Epic is meant to be your weekend adventure machine. Looking for something to ignite your adventurous side? The Epic is an EV SUV designed for couples who crave excitement beyond the city limits. It is capable of autonomous driving on highways and urban roads and doubles as a portable power source—ideal for powering up your camping weekend or tailgate party.

If you're after urban living with a touch of luxury, the Nissan Era is the answer. Geared towards young professionals, the Era is a plug-in hybrid SUV that marries everyday practicality with luxurious touches. It comes with zero-gravity seats, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and an advanced drivetrain for what Nissan calls a "smooth and confident ride."

When spaciousness meets cutting-edge tech, you get the Nissan Evo. This family-focused plug-in hybrid sedan comes with advanced driver assistance, safety features, and an AI-enhanced virtual personal assistant, ensuring every outing is tailored to your needs.

Apart from the four completely new concept vehicles, Nissan brought two concepts from the Japan Mobility Show for their first-ever China showcase. The Hyper Force Concept offers race-car performance in an eco-friendly package. At the same time, the AI-powered Hyper Punk Concept is a vision of how virtual worlds and driving may merge. Rounding up the futuristic stand in Beijing, a Formula E Gen3 race car was proudly displayed, a reminder of Nissan's commitment to sustainable racing.

These concept vehicles are just one testament to Nissan's growing dedication to the Chinese market. The company even launched a new brand campaign, "Excitement by Ni," highlighting its passion for innovation and enriching people's lives. This campaign reflects China's growing appetite for intelligent, electrified vehicles.



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