Polestar 2 2020 -


  • harp seal

I prefer the apple mac pro stand

  • feller with a EV

can any owners of polestar 2 speak on quality of interior materials RE: absorbency and heat dissipation from sunlight? i spilled a small quantity of stagnant fetid urine in my current EV and when it evaporated the foamy vapour soaked into the ceiling and left dark stains. the next time i spilled a small cup full quantity of urine the vapour again damaged my ceiling, to the point that when i next spilled urine the material had darkened to become an almost burgundy colour that i DO NOT LIKE. i'm sure when i next spill urine things will become even darker and more foul.

Can you believe that you have to pay $1,400 extra for a white paintjob?

This is the prettiest EV they've made, but the fact that they've downgraded the interior so much compared to their ICE cars is just baffling. After all they traded off range for the looks and added a grille where it wasn't needed, but then it appears they stopped caring half-way through the design process.