Polestar 2 BST 270 Edition goes around the Ascari race track in new promo video

Vlad, 04 January 2023

If you want the highest performing, sportiest Polestar 2, you can't have one anymore. That's because the highest performing, sportiest Polestar 2 is the Polestar 2 BST 270 Edition, which was a limited edition of 270 units - all reserved already. The "BST" there stands for "Beast", apparently, so if you were dying to know that, now you know.

The beast has now been unleashed in Spain, at the Ascari race track in the Province of Málaga. Polestar's Chief Test Engineer Joakim Rydholm took it for a spin around the track, and the following promo video ensued.

Rydholm is keen to show off the car's handling, acceleration, cornering, and braking, which are all clearly a big point of pride for the brand.

The Polestar 2 BST 270 Edition comes with special Öhlins two-way adjustable dampers, stiffer springs, and a long range dual motor configuration that delivers 476 hp, which is 68 hp more than the standard model. The BST is also ever so slightly wider and lower, and comes with 21" Pirelli PZero Rosso performance tires. The battery's stayed the same 78 kWh unit, but those who bought one of these probably didn't do it for the range.


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