Polestar 4 prices revealed: $26,800 cheaper than Polestar 3

Max McDee, 30 October 2023

While the automotive world eagerly anticipates the official release of Polestar's new electric vehicle, we now get to learn how much it will cost. Polestar 4, perplexingly, positions itself smack in between the Polestar 2 and the more expensive Polestar 3.

The Polestar 4 will carry a starting price tag of nearly $69,700. And while it's more expensive than the Polestar 2 by about $14,600, it saves you a hefty amount when compared to the starting price of the Polestar 3, which is more than $26,800 pricier than the Polestar 4.

Polestar 4 prices revealed

For those who fancy the base Long Range Single Motor variant of the Polestar 4, you're looking at $68,100. With preparation costs (based on the costs for the Polestar 2 and 3), the real-world price amounts to $69,500. The Long Range Dual Motor model is going to be $78,100.

The Single Motor Polestar 4 provides a decent 272 hp and 253 lb-ft to the rear wheels. You can hit the 62 mph mark in a reasonable 7.1 seconds, eventually topping out at 124 mph. The battery, with a net capacity of 94 kWh (gross: 102 kWh) promises 373 miles of range. Fast charging with up to 200 kW is on the menu.

Polestar 4 prices revealed

The Dual Motor offers 544 hp and a torque of 506 lb-ft. With this power, reaching 62 mph is a breeze at just 3.8 seconds. The range takes a slight dip to 350 miles, but it's hardly a deal-breaker.

Polestar 4, inspired by the 2020 Precept Concept, doesn't follow the SUV trend like its sibling, the Polestar 3. Instead, it's a low-sitting, five-door liftback that runs on the SPA platform developed collaboratively by Volvo and Geely. With dimensions measuring 190.55 inches in length and 60.63 inches in height, it's a tad larger than the Polestar 2.

Polestar 4 prices revealed

A head-turning feature? The absence of a rear window. Instead, it utilizes a camera atop its tailgate to grant drivers a peek of the road behind. It offers generous 17.7 ft³ of trunk space, which expands to 54.2 ft³ when rear seats are folded. Don't forget the 0.53 ft³ compartment in the front, though it's admittedly a tight squeeze.

Owners will relish in the 20-inch alloys, active suspension, adaptive cruise control, a 15.4-inch infotainment screen, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, and even a 360-degree camera.

Polestar is prepping to launch more tantalizing models soon. Both the Polestar 4 and 3 are slated for 2024 releases, with other exciting EVs like the Polestar 5 and Polestar 6 in the works.

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You could hold a gun to my head and tell me to buy any one of these and I would tell you no.

  • No Rear Window

Same here, was happy to buy two in the mid 2010s in two years both at more than 20% discount ... not paying BMW money for Volvos now.

  • No Rear Window

One less thing to be distracted while driving - the rear window lol



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