Revised VW ID.3 teased ahead of March 1 debut

Max McDee, 20 February 2023

Volkswagen took to LinkedIn to tease the updated VW ID.3 and the company claims this isn’t just a touch-up refresh but a “comprehensive upgrade”, according to the post. VW went as far as calling the car “second generation” of the VW ID.3.

In what appears to be the first teaser of a series, we get to see the rear lights and the new clusters feature multiple LEDs capable of displaying unique light signatures. We can expect dramatic light sequences when locking and unlocking the car plus there is the ubiquitous now sweeping indicator, first introduced by Audi.

It has been 4 years since the VW ID.3 has been unveiled and while it still looks fresh, the competition has been busy and VW felt it was time to give the electric pioneer a bit of a refresh. Thanks to some spy photos posted by Motor1 we notice the honeycomb front bumper has been replaced with a less edgy design making the car look more conventional.

The big changes are apparently coming to the interior. There is the new 12” infotainment screen that is apparently operated by a much improved software. The quality of the interior has been apparently improved as well in what seems to be VW’s desperate push to compensate for years of disappointing performance of its electric cars.

Revised VW ID.3 will debut on March 1

VW will introduce the Plug&Charge with the new ID.3 as well as its latest generation of ADAS. We will see the Travel Assist with its Swarm Data and Park Assist Plus which cleverly pulls all available data to find free parking spaces and helps with automatic parking and even records preferred parking location to be able to perform parking fully autonomously.

The cherry on the proverbial cake will be a new performance version, most likely called GTX. So far the fastest ID.3 came with a 204 hp (150 kW) rear-wheel drive option but according to VW the dual-motor drivetrain from VW ID.4 GTX will make its way into the smaller sibling. VW ID.3 with 299 hp and AWD would make many people smile.

Revised VW ID.3 will debut on March 1

The official premiere is happening on March 1 with first deliveries to begin from October of this year. According to some sources the ID.3 will retail for €43,995 which is about €1,500 increase over the current model starting price. The car will be available in Life, Business, Style, Max and Tour trims from the get-go with the performance model to join the lineup at a later stage.



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