Tesla Cybertruck's 'Beast Mode' and trim details leak

Max McDee, 29 November 2023

In the eleventh hour before the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck delivery event, a vigilant software developer unearthed intriguing details about the futuristic pickup. And now we have insights into the enigmatic "Beast Mode," as well as a glimpse of two distinct trim levels: Base and Luxury.

One of the most eagerly awaited features of the Cybertruck is the enigmatic 'Beast Mode.' A developer, who goes by the pseudonym @olympusdev_ on X shared an animation that provides a sneak peek into what this mode might entail. The animation displays the truck entering a triangular speed tunnel before experiencing a digital acceleration, reminiscent of Ludicrous Mode found in Tesla Model S.

While the full extent of 'Beast Mode' remains shrouded in mystery for a few more hours, it's clear that Tesla aims to deliver an exhilarating experience for its Cybertruck enthusiasts.

@olympusdev_ also shed light on the distinctions between two apparent trim levels: Base and Luxury. The Base version is expected to feature smaller-sized wheels, while the Luxury variant will boast larger wheels and the iconic black covers seen on the Cybertruck test vehicles. This aligns with the sightings of various prototypes sporting diverse wheel and tire combinations.

Additionally, both trim levels seem to offer the option of a Hella lightbar accessory. This slim LED lightbar, previously spotted on a release candidate unit in Mexico, could provide enhanced illumination and aesthetics to the Cybertruck.

It's crucial to note that these revelations stem from Tesla's official smartphone app, version 4.27.3. While they offer intriguing insights, we should exercise caution until Tesla confirms these details officially.

The app update also provided a glimpse into the accessories that will accompany this revolutionary electric pickup. One of the standout accessories is the 'Basecamp' tent, designed to snugly fit in the rear of the Cybertruck. Accompanied by a mattress, this accessory promises adventure enthusiasts a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Additionally, the app hints at a 'Cybertruck solar' option, confirming Elon Musk's earlier statement about the possibility of a tonneau cover embedded with solar cells. This feature could potentially extend the Cybertruck's range while camping or off-grid adventures.



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