Tesla Model Y's wheel falls off on the highway

Ivan, 31 January 2023

A brand new Tesla Model Y's steering wheel reportedly fell off on the highway just 6 days after the vehicle was delivered to one New Jersey resident.

Twitter user Prerak reported that he was with his family, driving on the highway when all of a sudden the wheel of his brand new Tesla Model Y fell off. Luckily there was no traffic about and he managed to safely pull aside.

He shared the entire process of towing the car to Tesla and even shared his conversations with Tesla support. Initially, he was charged the $103.96 repair bill, but Tesla later waived the charge.

The damage has been done, however, and Prerak says he's lost faith in Tesla and wants to return the vehicle, which may or may not be possible.

The Tesla Model Y in question The Tesla Model Y in question
The Tesla Model Y in question

This isn't the first Tesla this has happened to. A Tesla Model 3's wheel fell off in similar fashion back in 2020. Previously, Ford and Hyundai had recalls due to issues with the bolt that attaches the steering wheel to the steering column, but no accidents of this magnitude were recorded.


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to be fixed by a software upgrade :)

Tesla will also end up bought by a Chinese brand pretty soon at this rate.

  • Anonymous

Hahaha, don’t know what’s the hype with this crap car..


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