Tesla will soon bring Apple Music to its cars

Ro, 21 November 2022

Tesla's reluctance to adopt CarPlay or Android Auto means it needs to integrate the most popular music streaming services one by one. And it appears Apple Music is coming soon to join Spotify and Tidal in Tesla's infotainment system.

According to a Redditor, native Apple Music support might be very close as it was spotted running on a non-commercial Tesla vehicle. The story behind this is pretty interesting.

Photos of Tesla's software Photos of Tesla's software
Photos of Tesla's software

The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles has an exhibit partnership with Tesla and there are several prototypes from the company showcased, including the still unreleased Roadster and Cybertruck. Someone spotted the Apple Music app running on what appears to be pre-production software and it was even fully functional.

Tesla is readying a big holiday update in December with a slew of new features and support for Apple Music seems to be in the cards. However, we doubt that Spatial Audio will be on the list of new features as Tesla's cars lack the proper hardware support for this functionality.



Reader comments

since simcards are not allowed in cars in my country,all infortainments systems are working offline.therefore,carplay and android auto are must.it may be flexible in the US.



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