Tesla to also make heated seats a subscription service

Max McDee, 20 November 2023

Tesla is reportedly considering a move that may cause a storm in the electric vehicle community. According to a recent revelation by a Tesla hacking expert, @greentheonly, the company considers the introduction of subscription-based features for its upcoming vehicles. Among the features that could be behind this paywall are heated seats and heated windshield wipers. While this decision might seem reminiscent of a failed recent BMW experiment, there may be compelling reasons behind it.

BMW attempted a similar approach, aiming to streamline production and enhance value for used car buyers. However, the concept failed to resonate with consumers, leading BMW to abandon the idea. The question now is whether Tesla can succeed where BMW fell short.

One possible rationale for Tesla's move is a strategic one: making electric vehicles more affordable for buyers. By initially offering vehicles at a lower price, Tesla may increase its chances of qualifying for federal tax credits. This means that customers won't have to choose between having the features they desire and taking advantage of a significant rebate.

Another potential benefit is a streamlined production process. Standardizing hardware across all vehicles, regardless of trim or features, could enable Tesla to manufacture more cars on the same lines. BMW previously argued for a similar approach, and it does carry some environmental merit.

Tesla's heated seats are heading for subscription model

The intriguing part of this revelation is the suggestion that Tesla's Model Y Standard Range might have its maximum range software-locked. This strategy could result in substantial cost savings for Tesla, as one production line could accommodate two different vehicle configurations. It's worth noting that Tesla has employed similar tactics in the past, such as locking certain features like ambient lighting and heated seats behind paywalls.

For now, Tesla has not officially confirmed these plans, but it's reasonable to expect more information to emerge shortly. It's possible that these changes could coincide with Tesla's eagerly anticipated Full Self-Driving update, although the timeline for this upgrade remains uncertain.

In the meantime, Tesla enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the long-anticipated Cybertruck, scheduled for delivery on November 30. Given the numerous delays that have plagued this project over the past four years, many are understandably adopting a "seeing is believing" attitude.



Reader comments

  • leFrench

That move encourages hacking your car ..

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, no. Screw them. If they're gonna sell me a car without the ability to use the heated seats already in it, then I'm modding either the hardware or software to use them.

  • Lsi

Subscription thing should die ..i hate it... Everything will be by subcription ..



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