The Mini Aceman unveiled - an electric crossover with 400km+ range

Max McDee, 24 April 2024

The new Mini Aceman is the brand's first electric crossover model. It's a small but mighty EV that promises to combine Mini's signature go-kart handling, an immersive digital experience, and ample space in a compact package. With up to 252 miles of driving range, it does look like an ideal EV for both navigating city streets and venturing beyond urban limits.

The Mini Aceman unveiled - an electric crossover with +400 km range

The Aceman is pure Mini with its expressive headlights, distinctive front grille, and bold contours. Its compact 157 inches length makes it perfect for city maneuvers. At the same time, its short overhangs, standard roof rails, and optional 19-inch wheels deliver sporty flair. The eye-catching body design is enhanced by vibrant color options.

True to Mini's "Clever Use of Space" philosophy, the Aceman offers comfortable seating for five adults, with a versatile 10.6 ft³ trunk that can be expanded to 35.5 ft³. The interior features a minimalist design, a panoramic sunroof, and optional ambient lighting. Curved surfaces and soft fabrics in contrasting colors create a welcoming atmosphere.

Staying connected on the go should be easy with the Aceman's intuitive tech features. The centerpiece is the large circular OLED touchscreen display that controls all driving functions. The innovative Mini Operating System 9 delivers a smartphone-like experience. You can personalize the driving experience with various Mini Experience Modes that change the car's display and ambient lighting.

The available Mini Voice Assistant adds convenience to your drives. All you need to do is simply say, "Hey, Mini," to adjust navigation, control music, and manage other vehicle functions. The optional head-up display will keep important driving information in your line of sight.

When it comes to the important stuff, the Aceman - at least on paper - delivers the spirited Mini driving experience with its all-electric powertrain. It accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.1 seconds. It has a projected range of up to 252 miles on the WLTP test cycle—perfect for everyday commuting and occasional road trips.

Safety is a top priority for BMW and its sub-brand, and the Aceman includes advanced features like Driving Assistant Plus for steering and lane guidance. The clever Trailer Assistant offers support when parking with a trailer. There's even an optional Remote Parking feature that lets you park the car using just your smartphone.

Recharging the Aceman should be a breeze thanks to its 11 kW AC charging and a fast DC charging capability of up to 95 kW, depending on the model. With a fast charging station, the car's battery can go from 10% to 80% in roughly 30 minutes.

The Mini Aceman will be available later this year, and pricing is expected to be announced around the time of its launch. The Aceman is a stylish and practical electric crossover that adds a dose of excitement and sustainability to urban driving. With its peppy performance, ample space, and modern tech features, the Aceman has a chance to become a popular choice for EV enthusiasts.


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