Updated Zeekr 001 reviewed before its February 27 debut

Max McDee, 23 February 2024

Electric carmaker Zeekr is significantly upgrading its flagship 001 model. With an improved look and increased power, this facelift version attempts to make up an even more tempting proposition. The official debut is scheduled for February 27 but this is 2024 and Chinese social media influencers clearly have their own plans.

Updated Zeekr 001 reviewed before its February 27 debut

A video review of the updated Zeekr 001 is already out, revealing a bunch of interesting details. While the vehicle itself is not being driven in the video, we get a closer look at Zeekr’s refreshed flagship. Improved tech, improved interior - a lot of changes for a vehicle that is not even 3 years old. You can find the link to the original Chinese video at the end of this article.

The original Zeekr 001 debuted in April 2021 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Despite mainly positive reviews, it garnered criticism for its 400V architecture and lack of LiDAR sensors – essentials in the premium EV segment. The Chinese automaker seems to be finally taking notice of its customers, with this major update.

Updated Zeekr 001 reviewed before its February 27 debut

Built on the same SEA platform as Lotus Eletre, Zeekr 001 is switching to 800V. The company claims the 001 will enjoy super-fast charging times - taking just 11 minutes to go from 10 to 80% SoC. It also finally packs LiDAR sensors – a huge win for a car that needs better driver assistance tech.

Inside we get new interior colors, new materials with reportedly higher quality. A new 15.05-inch OLED touchscreen graces the center console, and a potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 processor enables voice commands. Additionally, Zeekr throws in a few gimmicks like seats that vibrate to music and a "5D" viewing mode for simulating environmental effects - the seats can replicate a blowing wind for an immersive movie viewing experience.

The updated 001 also gets a serious power boost, the new dual-motor setup delivering the equivalent of 778 hp horsepower with a thrilling 3.3-second 0-62 mph sprint. Zeekr also offers a single motor 415 hp option, but we all know where the fun is.

The battery department is getting a big refresh as well. The updated 001 comes with a choice of two CATL Qilin battery packs: 95 kWh or 100 kWh. According to the optimistic CLTC cycle, the 100 kWh battery enables 466 miles of range with the single motor and 408 miles with the dual. The smaller battery pack promises 449 miles and 389 miles driving range, respectively. CLTC or not, these are some impressive numbers.

To celebrate the launch of the new 001, Zeekr is sweetening the pot for potential buyers with a $1,400 discount for those who buy the revamped 001 before the end of March. Pricing is yet to be released, so it's too early to judge whether this extra perk is good value for the money.

Zeekr has finally delivered on crucial EV tech features, but will all these changes keep the 001 ahead of the relentless competition? The answer will be in how well they all work together in the real world. We'll have to wait and see how the public responds and where the Zeekr 001 lands in terms of pricing.

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