Volkswagen ID. 2all 2023 -


  • Pino

The ID.2all looks like a fine near-future replacement for my Zoe, because I'm not interested in the ugly Renault 5. I just hope that the €25k price tag is for a version with at least a 50 kWh battery.

Lucky, 05 Apr 2023it is fwd not rwd.Correct, Arena please take note.
Pity, if it was RWD it would be on my replacement list for when out current EV is done. But FWD just isn't as good in an EV, it's compromised on handling, turning circle and feedback.

  • Lucky

it is fwd not rwd.

  • Anonymous

EVmasta, 16 Mar 2023Very bold price promise, I kinda doubt this will happen.Same. Like ID3 was suppost to be under 30k€, but now facelift is 43k€+ and preFL was never >30k€.

But since ICE cars have gotten so expensive and if this one will be under 30k€ with OK battery and some equipment, might be a nice choice. Golf 8 is 30k€+, with 1.0 TSI and manual.

Very bold price promise, I kinda doubt this will happen.