Volkswagen ID. Buzz (three-row) 2023 -


  • Nick P

I can't wait!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Dear VW Design Volksburg,
Microbus fan here. Congratulations on the ongoing successful transition to sustainable technology platform, products, and joint-ventures. Great respect to the worldwide brand and transformation to Product.Together.

A question and opinion about ID.Buzz. Understand is 1st Gen and great care has been taken to modernize the much loved world-over microbus, legendary both as a product and cultural icon. The Kombi synonymous with beach style, beach living, surf life in California and beyond.

Understand Product.Together concept and much more feasible for part reuse from supply chain and cost aspects. Understand sustainability slight advantages.

Curious though, could the front facade not more take after the ID.Buzz predecessor so to speak? A rounded headlight theme, complimenting the already present large round VW nameplate emblazoned on the front?

Not doubting your in-house sales analysts, but wouldn't a design reminiscent of good times, surf, beach, parties, and sand in the fame of the massively-appealing original microbus be appealing for sales targets? Indeed, the slide part window concept is retained but the most iconic thing of all - the look, not so much? And the front grille reminiscent of a cargo bin, are your customers more intelligent than that?

Understand the need to fit in as per automotive landscape but isn't the microbus all about the iconic disruption, the playful embodiment of design, the brand presence? The world has its Zeeker, Sienna, NV, etc, etc which all pretty much is the same thing in different clothing, roughly speaking.

Couldn't the ID.Buzz retain more of its conceptual heritage and delight its fan base and customers, old and new alike? Am not a Hot Wheels® collector, but I understand the original VW microbus is sold for over $100,000USD the toy alone?