World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe

Max McDee, 12 August 2023

In a puzzling Facebook reveal, Voyah introduced its plans to bring the world's fastest electric MPV to Europe. The specific release date and pricing are, unfortunately, a mystery as of now. And, if we're scratching our heads about something else - it's the name. Is it the DREAM or the DREAMER? Apparently, even Voyah's marketing team is unsure. It seems most Chinese sources refer to it as Dreamer but the EU destined version may be called Dream.

World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe

Voyah's electric MPV: more than just speed

Labeled as the world's fastest MPV, the Voyah Dream doesn't simply boast speed; it brings an amalgamation of features, some seemingly pulled straight out of luxury sports cars. One can't help but appreciate the vastness of this MPV - standing at a staggering 209.3 inches in length, 78.1 inches in width, and 71.7 inches in height. Yet, oddly, it's closer to the ground than most - almost mimicking a sports car's low-slung stance. It has a ground clearance of just 4.92 inches.

The sportiness doesn't stop there. The Dream(er) claims to go from zero to 62 mph in a mere 5.8 seconds, at least in its standard EV version. Sounds more like a sports coupe than an MPV, right? But here's the twist: its spacious interior can comfortably accommodate seven people. Not what you'd expect from a speedster!

World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe

Now, onto that interior. The triple-screen set-up at the front is sure to make any tech enthusiast nod in approval. And if that's not enough, the first two rows of seats offer heating, ventilation, and of course, massage functions. A little relaxation while zipping around doesn't sound like a bad idea. Dreamer's top-end version offers a DYNAudio sound system for the final luxury touch. And for the tech-savvy drivers out there, the L2 autonomous driving system comes with a plethora of features, including automatic parking, lane-keeping assistance, and more. Although, note that not all these features come with the base version.

The trunk space stands impressive at {{427 liters}} with all three rows of seats in place. The Dream provides different powertrain versions. The EV version with a standard battery boasts twin electric motors, offering a total of 435 horsepower, while the EREV (range-extender) version is slightly dialed down - 394 horsepower and 7 lb-ft less than the EV model.

World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe

Electric, extended, and a tad confusing

The standard EV Dream comes with an 82-kWh battery, claiming a range of 295 miles. And if you're someone who's constantly paranoid about running out of charge (aren't we all?), the extended version with a 108.7 kWh battery offers a 376 miles range. The EREV version features a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine that's solely responsible for juicing up the 25.57-kWh battery. This hybrid approach promises an all-electric range of just 51 miles, but with the range extender, it goes up to 466 miles. Though, there's an amusing catch. The measurement metrics for the EV and EREV versions differ, leading to some range discrepancies. The EV version used the CLTC cycle for its results, while the EREV went through the WLTC process. Why, you ask? Well, CLTC is notoriously optimistic when it comes to results - you might say it is a 'dreamer.'

World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe

A Price Point for Every Dream

To match diverse pockets and desires, Voyah has introduced different series and price ranges in China. Whether you're looking at the Family, Think, or Dream series or pondering between the four-seat or seven-seat version, there's a Dreamer (or is it Dream?) for you. It remains a mystery for now if the company will replicate the model portfolio and the pricing for the EU market. In China, the Family version starts at an equivalent of $55,490, the Think model starts at $58,490 and the topof-the-range Dreamer Dream (yes) starts at $65,990. A larger battery pack requires an additional $7,500, and the 4-seat version of the Dream starts at an eye-watering $95.990. Add the bigger battery, and you have a $103,500 world's fastest electric MPV that wants to compete with the best luxury brands out there.

Voyah's electric MPV is a blend of luxury, sportiness, and functionality. While it's gearing up to contend with premium EV brands, only time will tell how well this Dream(er) fares in Europe. Its only competitor is the Mercedes EQV 300 Extra Long, which comes with a 100 kWh battery and a measly 204 horsepower electric motor, and with a 259 miles range. Can Voyah steal customers away from Mercedes?

World’s fastest MPV - Voyah Dream set to electrify Europe


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