Xiaomi car's leaked bumpers are early prototypes, company official says

Ro, 25 January 2023

Xiaomi's upcoming EV is said to enter mass production sometime in 2024, so the company's first car should, in theory, be in its final stages of development. We expect that leaks like these will become more frequent throughout 2023.

The leaked image from earlier this week revealed very conservative front and back bumper design with the headlights being reminiscent of Tesla's Model 3.

Leaked Xiaomi car schematics
Leaked Xiaomi car schematics

However, Xiaomi's general manager of the PR department came out to clarify that the leaked images are from an early stage of the car's development. He added that the schematics are indeed from a draft document from the bidding process and are from BAIC Molding - a company that produces plastic exterior parts for the automotive industry in China.

This means that the exterior elements you see in the picture are not final, so Xiaomi's car may end up looking entirely different. Then again, Xiaomi may have decided to keep some of the design traits in the final prototype. We hope to see more in the coming months.

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Reader comments

like they always do :) then they complain "why made in china sounds bad?"

  • hahaha

probably gonna copy parts from other highclass cars and make some freaky tesla-wannabe, like chinese always do can only copy shiet

  • Vijov

based on my experience of using xiaomi, it’s scary to imagine how buggy it will be and whether it will burn out like my router πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… which worked for two weeks


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