2023 Nio ES6 photos and more specification revealed

Max McDee, 08 May 2023

We already know that the refreshed Nio ES6 will go on sale by the end of this month after it was publicly unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. We can’t call it an all-new model because it is still the same Nio ES6, and yet calling it a refresh doesn’t reflect the fact that technologically the previous model is more of a distant cousin. The two vehicles are generations apart and today we get a sneaky peak at what’s coming.

The 2023 Nio ES6 rides on the all-new NT2 platform. There are two versions of the platform itself - one designed for large 7 and 8-seat EV configurations and the smaller one for the rest of Nio’s lineup. The new ES6 uses the smaller platform which it shares with the Nio ET5. By smaller we don’t necessarily mean small - at 4.85-meter length, it is just 2 cm shorter than the Mercedes EQE SUV.

2023 Nio ES6 photos and more specification revealed

Since the ES6 shares the powertrain with ET5 we can assume that the AWD setup with two electric motors pumping out 360 kW (482 hp) will be standard. That’s actually less power than the previous model had so it’ll be interesting to see if the company decides to bump up the power output or leave it as it is.

There will be three battery options, although only 75 kWh and 100 kWh packs will be available from the launch. The 150 kWh option that Nio refers to as “semi-solid” still hasn’t been unveiled but the company ensures us it is on its way. The car’s wheelbase has grown by 15 mm which normally wouldn’t make much of a difference on the inside but Nio pushed the rear seats much further back giving the passengers much-improved room.

2023 Nio ES6 photos and more specification revealed

On the technological side of things, Nio ES6 will come with Intelligent Comfort Braking System, Continuous Damping Control, and Intelligent Chassis Control for vastly improved comfort. The entertainment will be supported by a 23-speaker Dolby Atmos surround sound system and even rear passengers get massage seats. To top it off, the front passenger gets an optional Zero gravity Queen seat and all passengers can have fun with the AR technology thanks to the latest N-box entertainment system.

The first generation Nio ES6 has been on sale in China since late 2019 and by the time final examples are gone, the car would have sold 130,000 units which represents nearly 40% of all Nio’s sales. That clearly makes ES6 Nio’s most important electric car and the company will want to bank on its popularity. The sale price is expected to be lower than that of the current model ($55,850 or RMB 386,000) which should make the larger ES7 (EL7 in Europe) owner happy since they were complaining about the ES6 being too good - which probably is the best testament to its potential.



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