Aehra announces a new ultra-premium SUV with more than 800km range

Ro, 09 November 2022

Aehra is a US-Italian startup that wants to take a piece of the ultra-premium SUV market and challenge the big names in the industry. However, Aehra doesn't want to name its SUV so we'll have to refer to it as the Aehra SUV.

Aehra SUV Aehra SUV Aehra SUV
Aehra SUV

The vehicle will ask between €160,000 and €180,000 and it's going to be the first car to ever employ a 120kWh battery and run on a three-motor design. There's one on the front axle and two on the back. Combined, they output a maximum of 804hp and the car would boast more than 800km of autonomy. Sounds very promising.

The SUV's design is part of the reason why it can go for this long. The aerodynamic chassis reduces drag and boost efficiency even further. A monobody construction is the staple of the car's platform, which is a common design trait among supercars.

Aehra SUV Aehra SUV
Aehra SUV

The side doors open upwards - scissor style and instead of mirrors, the car uses wing mirror cameras. However, this might not be the final design and specs since Aehra is still in talks with its supply chain partners and some things may change prior to release. Still, the company promises that about 95% of the design and hardware will make it to the final unit.

It's interesting to note that the chief designer Filippo Perini is the one who designed the Lamborgini Urus SUV, so it's easy to draw comparison between Aehra's SUV and the Urus.

Aehra SUV Aehra SUV
Aehra SUV

The interior will be revealed in the coming months and Aehra only teased that it's going to be a spacious one. In fact, it will be the biggest compared to competitors featuring a lounge setup. The car's length will be 5.10 meters, so we could have guessed that ourselves.

The first Aehra SUV will hit the streets in 2025 and a saloon version is also in the works. Both models will be produced in small quantities - just 25,000 per year, per model.



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