Alpine is revealing the A290 on June 13 at Le Mans

Vlad, 02 April 2024

Alpine has been teasing the A290 since last May, when it unveiled the A290 Beta concept. Now, almost one year later, the brand has finally announced when it plans to reveal the actual, non-concept A290.

And we say "reveal" on purpose, since that's the word Alpine uses. We're not exactly sure how many details about the A290 will be released in this "reveal", which is taking place on June 13 at the famous Le Mans circuit.

Alpine is revealing the A290 on June 13 at Le Mans

The A290 will be Alpine's first "100% electric vehicle" (Alpine's words, not ours), and Alpine being French it feels somehow fitting for the world premiere to take place at a world famous French race - the 24 Hours of Le Mans, especially seeing as how the A290 itself is billed as a "sporty" 5-seater.

The A290 is based on the new Renault 5 EV, and sales are expected to start at some point this year. Last year Alpine promised that the exterior of the production car will be very close to the one of the concept (which you can see above), so let's hope it hasn't changed its mind.

There should be two powertrain options, one with 215 hp, the other with 268 hp, and a 52 kWh battery for both with an expected maximum range of around 240 miles.

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