Apple car development lost direction, analyst claims

Max McDee, 28 September 2023

Apple's much-talked-about upcoming car has reportedly faced yet another setback. Reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a new note, saying the development has lost direction and a major reorganization might be needed to get it back on track.

Codenamed Project Titan, Apple's aspiration to create an electric vehicle may not lead to a result in the next years, the analyst believes. Yes, that's plural. Kuo further suggests Tim Cook needs to splurge on a series of acquisitions that will give him the missing pieces to get the whole thing back on track.

After all autonomous driving might be the dream and an AR windshield will get any geek's heart racing, but they matter little until we get an actual road-going car. And by the looks of it the wait for that might be extending beyond the previously rumored 2026.

Apple Car will likely remain in the realm of dreams Apple Car will likely remain in the realm of dreams

The allure of an electric, autonomous Apple Car is unquestionable, but the road thus far has been anything but smooth.The landscape of autonomous electric vehicles is rapidly evolving, and while Apple’s entry would undoubtedly send ripples through the industry, the clock is ticking, and competition moves away at quite a pace.

Apple Car odyssey has no end in sight



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In that case, you will need Apple Rotary Lift to charge via plugging the cable in the undercarriage area.

  • shun

Looks like Magic Mouse with wheels :D

  • CT

Nice car for funboys:D



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