Apple car development lost direction, analyst claims

28 September 2023
The much-anticipated Apple Car, under the banner of Project Titan, faces a murky future with no release date in sight and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo casting doubts on its realization in the coming years.

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shun, 29 Sep 2023Looks like Magic Mouse with wheels :DIn that case, you will need Apple Rotary Lift to charge via plugging the cable in the undercarriage area.

  • shun

Looks like Magic Mouse with wheels :D

  • CT

Nice car for funboys:D

  • Anonymous

outstanding work

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2023Lol. Poor apple. It's quite obvious that they really aren't great with new undertaki... moreHmm, they did revolutionize the phone industry with the iPhone, which was far better than comparable early Android phones and Windows Mobile devices that used resistive touch displays and crazy slow processors in 2007. They developed their own custom SoC, which outperforms the competition and is more efficient. This includes both the A and M series. They developed an entire eco-system of hardware and software. I'd say if they actually want to tackle a problem, they can. They may not be "first" to market, but they nearly always deliver better results.

with iphone sales, no surprise

  • Anonymous

Lol. Poor apple. It's quite obvious that they really aren't great with new undertakings.

Maybe they should leave all the far-reaching projects to the likes of Samsung or Google, as being a polymath clearly isn't Apple's strong suit.