Apple's Car Key expansion coming soon as Test app surfaces on App Store

Ro, 21 February 2023

Apple's Car Key feature was announced back in 2020 but we are yet to see significant adoption. Only a few cars support Car Key, but seeing the new Car Keys Tests app on App Store suggests that a wider rollout is right around the corner.

Apple's Car Key could see a wider adoption real soon

The app itself is designed only for MFi developers and vehicle manufacturers. It aims to improve the testing capabilities and ensure that the connection, performance and other key requirements are on point.

The app isn't discoverable from the App Store search and only people with the link can access it. Downloading it isn't possible as it requires a login, which is naturally given only to developers and manufacturers.

Again, the app isn't giving us any additional information regarding the Car Key feature, but it does suggest that Apple is working with more manufacturers and developers to bring the digital car keys tech to more models.



Reader comments

Man hacking aint difficult too. People from Annonymous group hacked Russian media, once they hacked Pentagon i mean ministry of defence so it wont be difficult that much.

TBH, the general physical car key is incredibly easy to "crack"/duplicate compared to an app based key.

Sorry but i dont trust pple. Its a ncie tech ut only for those who believes in something like App which can open your car. Rather will use physical key to not being hacked and loose my vehicle.



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