BMW iX with new dual-chemistry battery achieves 608 mile range

Ro, 01 December 2023

A relatively new battery company called ONE (Our Next Energy) is a Michigan-based startup dedicated to developing advanced battery tech to improve the durability, safety, sustainability and energy density of EV batteries. Its latest project involves a BMW iX fitted with a custom dual-chemistry battery called "Gemini".

The proof-of-concept battery was able to boost the BMW iX xDrive50's 380 miles WLTP range to the astonishing 608 miles on the same testing cycle.

BMW iX xDrive50 in ONE's workshop BMW iX xDrive50 in ONE's workshop
BMW iX xDrive50 in ONE's workshop

The Gemini battery is actually two separate battery packs with completely different chemistry. The main one uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cathode and its energy is used for powering the motors. It can move the iX for only about 127 miles. After the LFP cell is depleted, the second pack with a proprietary chemistry blend kicks in to charge the first one using DC-to-DC converter.

The proprietary battery uses minimal amounts of cobalt and nickel and is rich in manganese. It also uses 60% less graphite and 20% less lithium, resulting in lower environmental impact and lower production costs. This battery alone provides the BMW iX with over 510 miles of autonomy.

ONE's Gemini battery ONE's Gemini battery
ONE's Gemini battery

Of course, this battery concept is nowhere near actual production, but ONE believes it's a good start. It also hinted at a new upcoming project with an unnamed car manufacturer, involving the Gemini battery.


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I would suppose that theur goal is to use the LFP battery which has the lowest energy density but the highest durability for the every day stuff. For every small trip or for small courses in the city. The high density battery would provide a big ra...

  • Anonymous

Why would they use one battery to charge the other? Is that just for the POC or is there a different issue with these batteries preventing them from being directly used?



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