BMW stays profitable while pouring resources into the EV development

Max McDee, 09 May 2024

BMW is not letting volatile market conditions deter its aggressive electric vehicle expansion plans. The company revealed strong first-quarter financials and outlined its commitment to investing in a zero-emissions future with new models and increased production capacity.

While the automotive industry remains challenged by economic uncertainties, BMW is doing well. Compared to the first three months of 2023, the company's sales of fully electric vehicles increased by roughly 28%. All told, BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce shipped 83,000 EVs during the quarter.

BMW stays profitable while pouring resources into the EV future

The company's strategy of electrifying popular models has been a hit with consumers. All-electric BMW i4, iX1, and i7 sales contributed significantly to the overall increase in EV deliveries, the company stated. Looking ahead, BMW's growing EV lineup now includes new entries like the iX2 and i5, which will significantly improve its sales numbers.

The company remains within its target range for the EBIT margin (earnings before interest and taxes) at 8.8%. This means BMW retains a healthy profit while spending on future models and technologies. The BMW Group's overall EBT margin even exceeded strategic goals, landing at 11.4%. These results underscore the brand's enduring appeal to premium car buyers.

BMW stays profitable while pouring resources into the EV future

To keep up with surging demand, BMW is pouring resources into EVs and the technologies that support them. In the first quarter alone, the company invested nearly $2 billion into R&D, with much of that spending going toward electric vehicle platforms and self-driving capabilities.

The German automaker's commitment to the Neue Klasse, its innovative new EV architecture slated for release in 2025, shows BMW is serious about its electric future. Investments aren't limited to product development; BMW is also expanding and modernizing production facilities to meet anticipated production goals.

BMW stays profitable while pouring resources into the EV future

Despite global economic uncertainty, BMW believes it will weather the storm well with a healthy product mix and loyal customer base. The company remains hopeful about global economic growth while carefully managing risks that could impact its business.

With a strong emphasis on electrifying popular models, BMW is poised to attract both luxury car buyers and consumers wanting to switch to EVs. The company expects its financial growth and profitability to continue in 2024.


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I am somehow glad to hear that. I had never had a BMW before until I got my iX. I am so happy with all aspects of that car that I would like to see the company succeed and no get caught in the turbulence. Well deserved.



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