BMW's Super Bowl ad for the iX has Schwarzenegger and Hayek playing gods

Vlad, 09 February 2022

BMW's entry into the Super Bowl ad race is all about the iX, which isn't very surprising. But this ad is also about Greek gods Zeus and Hera retiring to Palm Springs. And there's a tiny pet Pegasus there at some point. Oh, and Zeus keeps charging things (or, perhaps more accurately, discharging into things, until he breaks the grid. And then Hera gets them an iX.

How does any of these make sense? We don't know, but all of that is in the ad. Spoiler alert: Zeus is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hera by Salma Hayek. So it's got everything, doesn't it? Big name actors starring, a mythologically-derived story, loads of lighting shooting out of Zeus' fingers, and, of course, the BMW iX. Which is all-electric, so it... fits in neatly with Zeus' electric personality?

Like we said, we have no idea how this is supposed to make sense, but it's flashy as it should be for the Super Bowl. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


Reader comments

  • forhad-61

> Like we said, we have no idea how this is supposed to make sense Nor do we 😂😂

  • Sanyo

Zeus & Hera.

Schwarze will never get old :D



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