BYD sells twice as many electrified cars in April as it did last year

Max McDee, 08 May 2023

BYD may have had a slow start to the year with its January sales struggling to pick up. Whether that was because of Tesla’s price cuts or customers still recovering from the end-of-year expenses, once February was in full swing the sales picked up and carried on picking up. So much so that in April BYD sold twice as many electrified cars as it did the same time last year.


The company had to adjust its prices as well, which was inevitable but in the end, BYD Qin sold a staggering 42,202 units with BYD Yuan in close second with 39,160 units sold. That’s just two NEV models in one month. BYD Qin sales jumped nearly 80% when compared to April last year and BYD Yuan recorded a nearly 160% bump.

BYD Song's family of vehicles didn’t do so well - its sales fell to 8,100 vehicles which are 3 times less than last year and 5 times less than the previous month. Thankfully for the company, BYD Dolphin was there to save the day with 30,462 vehicles finding new owners - that’s another over 150% sales increase over the April of last year.


Both BYD Han and BYD Tang are steady and reliable performers with sales sitting at 14,329 and 11,759 units respectively. These models are not recording revolutionary sales but are still growing steadily.

Among other less-known models outside of China, Frigate 07 has been on sale since December last year and the sales are growing - 10,003 vehicles in April representing a nearly 23% increase from March and double the January sales. BYD Seal is not selling as many units as the company would like with sales hovering around 6,000 vehicles every month since January.


The only-just released BYD Seagull had a busy month with 1,500 vehicles delivered - but that statistic needs a closer look. If those sales were spread over the entire month - BYD would have to start to worry. Thankfully, the Seagull is off to a great start because those 1,500 units were sold in just 4 days - the vehicle went on sale on April 26.

And finally, we have the BYD Denza family- one of the first electric MPVs on the market and a new swanky SUV. Since the N7 SUV is still not on sale, the D9 is left to represent the family and it does a decent job. The MPV sold 10,526 units in April which is steady growth, it went on sale in December and that month it recorded 6,000 sales.


All in all - BYD is a force to be reckoned with. The company sold 209,467 NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) in April alone which is nearly twice as many as it did in April 2022. Although its month-on-month growth was only 1.5% it still represents a huge number of electrified cars finding new homes. China may be a huge automotive market but at this speed, it’ll be 100% electric long before the rest of the world gets to 50% electrification.



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  • Anonymous

Do not trust those sale numbers. BYD dealers buy those cars for themselves put license plate on them and sell them again to actual people with a little discount. That's how they make it look like their cars are selling really well.



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