BYD's Song L gets 11,000 pre-orders, sales begin on December 15

Ivan, 20 November 2023

BYD announced today that the Song L will be launched on December 15 in China. The shooting-brake-styled SUV went on pre-order on October 31 with a price range of CNY 220,000 ($30,600, €28,200) to CNY 280,000 ($39,000, €35,700).

Since pre-orders went live, BYD has gotten some 11,000 orders for the Song L, the company announced.

BYD's Song L gets 11,000 pre-orders, sales begin on December 15

The Song L sits lower than your typical SUV and has an aggressive rear with a sloping rear window with a sporty spoiler. The car is 76.8 inches wide, 190.9 inches long, 61.4 inches tall, and has a 115.4 inches wheelbase.

The EV is based on BYD's e-Platform 3.0 and is available in both single-motor and dual-motor variants with two power outputs - 150 kW and 230 kW.

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