Caterham unveils its electrified future: Project V

Max McDee, 12 July 2023

Today Caterham is unveiling its future and there’s no two ways about it - this is one of the most electrifying moments of the automotive world. As we tread the cutting-edge trail of the electric revolution, Caterham, the British automaker, leaves no stone unturned with their brand-new all-electric sports car, Project V.

Caterham unveils its electrified future: Project V - speed, style, and sustainability

Project V is set to make its grand entrance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It will join the ranks of other heart-stopping EVs like the Pininfarina Battista Edizione Nino Farina and MG4 EX4 concept but it may as well be one of the most important vehicles to be unveiled this week.

Now let's pull back the curtains and peek into what makes this sleek machine tick. For the car nerds among us, the numbers are going to sing like a symphony. We're talking about a 268 hp electric motor paired with a 55-kWh USOC lithium-ion battery with expected range of 249 miles. Is it quick? How does a sub-4.5 second 0 to 62 mph time sound to you? Sure - those numbers won’t break any records, we have family electric cars now that may be quicker in a straight line. Caterham stuck to its core values though when creating the Project V and the result is an EV that handles like a true sports car - not because of tricky electronics but because it weighs about half as much as the Tesla Model S does.

Caterham's new mastermind, Chief Designer Anthony Jannarelly, was at the helm of the project. And in true Caterham spirit, Project V is designed to be lightweight and simplistic, tipping the scales at a trim {{2,623 pounds}}. Built on a composite chassis of carbon fiber and aluminum, the car employs an adjustable double-wishbone suspension at both ends and electric power steering - all of it ensuring a nimble and responsive ride.

Inside, you'll find a 2+1 seating arrangement, with a possible 2+2 setup. Simplicity remains a theme with a minimalistic dashboard, two round digital gauges, and a set of low-mounted rocker switches. Oh, and if you're wondering about the bells and whistles, the intuitive infotainment system has got you covered with smartphone mirroring. And that is the extent of technology - the driving is done by the driver, that perfect corner exit line? Well, that depends on your skills, not some secret combo of button presses.

Caterham unveils its electrified future: Project V - speed, style, and sustainability

Caterham CEO, Bob Laishley, has assured us that Project V is not just a flashy concept. It's a result of careful engineering and production feasibility studies, a move towards a sustainable future. The anticipated release date is somewhere around late 2025 or early 2026, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

And for all you purists out there, don't worry. The legendary Caterham Seven isn't going anywhere. Project V isn't looking to replace the Seven but rather complement it. Both vehicles share the core Caterham values, ensuring the legacy of the brand continues while embracing the future.

Caterham unveils its electrified future: Project V - speed, style, and sustainability

As a fun little tidbit to tickle your automotive trivia bones, did you know Caterham's origin traces back to Lotus? The company started by manufacturing an updated version of the Lotus Seven, establishing a strong foundation in lightweight performance vehicles.

All in all, Caterham's Project V represents an exciting step towards a more sustainable automotive industry, all while maintaining the thrilling driving experience we've come to expect from sports cars. It's a breath of fresh air, wrapped in a package of power, sustainability, and style.


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