Citroen's C3 Aircross gets bold redesign, electric powertrains

Max McDee, 18 April 2024

Citroen has pulled the wraps off its all-new C3 Aircross. The redesigned crossover trades its formerly friendly curves for a sharp, muscular look - a significant shift in apperance. Plus, it is spacious enough to seat seven. The changes are more than skin deep; under the hood, the C3 Aircross now offers a choice of electric powertrains for more exciting and greener motoring.

The compact SUV has evolved to match the competition in Europe's booming B-SUV segment. This includes the bold new Citroen design language pioneered by the Oli concept. The C3 Aircross shares its front-end with the smaller e-C3, featuring the brand's new logo and LED headlights. Its upright profile and beefy accents like contrasting wheel arch cladding make a strong, modern statement.

Even though the two share a platform, at 172.83 inches long, the revamped C3 Aircross generously outstretches its smaller sibling, the C3 hatchback. Families will appreciate the third-row seating, a first for this segment. These are fold-out seats, hidden in the trunk floor, but should do for smaller passengers or shorter trips. When not in use, the seats make way for a decent amount of cargo.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable transport, Citroen wisely fitted the C3 Aircross with a choice of electrified powertrains. Buyers can opt for a hybrid option, while a European-built all-electric version is also coming for truly zero-emission driving.

Pricing and specifics are still under wraps, but we'll keep you posted once we hear more. It's not going to be long too as the C3 Aircross is going on sale this summer.


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