New Fiat Topolino is the Citroen Ami with added Dolce Vita

Max McDee, 05 July 2023

Stepping onto the bustling streets of today's cities, you'll find the urban landscape morphing into an eco-friendly playground, thanks to the influence of sustainable transportation. At the heart of this transformation, the Fiat Topolino claims it is sparking a revolution. With its electric nature and youthful spirit, this petite vehicle is not just a car; it's a sustainable lifestyle, accessible to all. At least that’s what Fiat wants us to think.

Fiat Topolino - is the Citroen Ami with added Dolce Vita worth the excitement?

Named after the iconic original Fiat 500, the Topolino (Italian for 'little mouse') is unquestionably a sustainable mobility solution. Powered by a 5.4 kWh battery, the Topolino boasts a range of up to 47 miles, more than sufficient for everyday urban commutes. It’s agile, nifty, and with a top speed of 28 mph, it's a city dweller's dream. Not to mention its quick charging feature, taking less than four hours to fully power up.

The Topolino is a perfect blend of utility and cheeky style, showcasing a true Italian attitude - simplicity with a splash of color. Its compact size (99.61 inches in length) and easy handling make it an ideal fit for city drives, promising a stress-free commuting experience. Moreover, its size does not compromise on comfort or storage. Two offset seats and extensive glasswork enhance the perception of space, and strategic storage spaces provide a total of 63 liters of interior room - just enough to fit your beach gear or shopping bags.

Offered in two body types – the "closed" and "open" Topolino Dolcevita, and in a singular shade of Verde Vita, this city-friendly car caters to various preferences. Its aesthetic versatility is enriched further with customization options that include beachy stickers, vintage chrome effect mirrors, and the Dolcevita Box, a stylish fabric storage solution.

Perhaps the most desirable feature is its versatility: drive it to work, use it for grocery runs, or take it to the beach! Unique add-ons like a portable shower cater to the outdoor enthusiast, making the Topolino the go-to transport for urban and beach adventures alike. Even Gen Z, with its penchant for sustainability and unique experiences, will find the Topolino interesting.

Purchasing the Topolino is as easy as a few clicks. Fiat has simplified the process down to a 3-step digital journey. Furthermore, with an affordable monthly rate on offer, sustainable mobility has never been more accessible.

Fiat’s marketing approach works - as long as we pretend we have never heard of Citroen Ami. Because the two are siblings in every meaning of this word. Yes, Fiat added fancy paintwork and a few bits of upholstery, it removed the roof and replaced it with fabric, and in the Dolcevita version, it even replaced the doors with a rope - all in the name of style. And one thing about the Italian style comes to mind - it’s expensive. So is the Topolino - at $10,610 it is nearly $4,300 more expensive than its French twin in its home country.

As Fiat bravely charts the course towards a greener urban landscape, the Topolino stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability and style. The company claims it is marrying the best of Italian design and innovative technology, and that the Fiat Topolino is an urban mobility solution that turns the routine into a joyful ride. It’s hard not to disagree - Fiat’s attempt at dressing up the Citroen Ami works well - Topolino looks miles better and cuter.

Fiat Topolino - is the Citroen Ami with added Dolce Vita worth the excitement?

The asking price suggests Fiat forgot all about its humble roots and simply wants to cash in on the EV revolution - minimum effort, maximum gain. In all honesty - you’d probably have to have a few bottles of Chianti to pay nearly $11,000 for a glorified quadricycle. But - style is an individual thing and Fiat knows what it’s doing - expect to see plenty of those little rascals zooming up and down the streets of every beach resort in no time at all.


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