Fiat unveils two new 500e luxury versions for US market

Max McDee, 12 March 2024

Fiats have always exuded a certain effortless cool, and the new 500e electric vehicles are no exception. The Italian automaker has embraced a bold ‘drop’ strategy for the US release of this iconic electric car. In a surprise move, Fiat revealed two uniquely themed, luxury iterations – the 'Inspired By Music' and 'Inspired By Beauty' trims.

Fiat unveils two new 500e luxury versions for US market

Fiat's 'drop' approach does away with traditional trim levels, options lists, and lengthy ordering processes. Each 'drop' is a one-of-a-kind version of the 500e, loaded with curated features that reflect a specific theme.

The 'Inspired by Music' edition is the perfect expression of musicality. The tuxedo-black paint, intricately styled wheels, and a cream interior reminiscent of sheet music. Fiat even partnered with legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli to tune the premium JBL sound system. With Virtual Venues, your Fiat transforms into your own private concert hall – switch to My Music Room for an intimate performance, or opt for My Recording Studio's pristine acoustics. Love the drama of grand opera? The Giuseppe Verdi setting transports you to the heart of Pisa, while the Open-air Arena mode delivers the thrilling energy of a live outdoor concert.

If beauty is your muse, the 'Inspired by Beauty' model will steal your heart. This Fiat 500e boasts a soft rose gold finish and a chic cream interior. It comes packed with luxury extras like heated seats and mirrors, plus advanced driver-assist features like lane centering and adaptive cruise control.

While most EVs focus solely on practicality, the 500e proudly embraces the fun side of electric driving. It's one of the lightest electrics on the market, contributing to an estimated range of 149 miles thanks to its compact 42-kWh battery. Don't worry, fast charging means you're back on the road in a little over four hours with a Level 2 charger. The 500e even offers a playful sonic personality, greeting you with a friendly digital melody and alerting pedestrians with a catchy Italian-inspired tune.

Fiat unveils two new 500e luxury versions for US market

Fiat’s North American head, Aamir Ahmed, revealed that more surprises are in store. The plan is to create a continuous stream of exciting 500e releases throughout the year, possibly inspired by everything from fashion houses to iconic travel destinations. Fiat lovers are also eagerly anticipating a high-profile reveal that could partner the 500e with an iconic Italian design house.

While electrification is absolutely central to Fiat's strategy, Ahmed admits they're open to customer feedback. With declining EV sales and growing interest in hybrids, the company may consider offering hybrid options in the US but don't expect a move away from environmentally conscious solutions.

The big question for Fiat fans is whether the 500e will remain their only US offering. Ahmed hints at possible expansion, with European models like the crossover 600e and the fresh Panda concepts potentially making their way across the Atlantic.

The 'Inspired by Beauty' and 'Inspired by Music' Fiat 500e electric cars are available to order now starting from $36,000, not including the $1,595 destination charges. Want a more affordable option? The earlier 'Inspi(RED)' edition is still available at $34,095.

Fiat unveils two new 500e luxury versions for US market


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