First look inside - MG unveils Cyberster's striking interior

Max McDee, 10 July 2023

Ah, the MG Cyberster. Its name has been on the lips of every MG fan since the company revealed the first sketches of this electric 2-door coupe. Now the company has finally uncloaked the interior of the mass-production model, and it’s... not exactly groundbreaking. And that is a good thing.

Let's start with the most apparent change – the steering wheel. In a stunning turn of events, MG has decided to forego the ultra-futuristic steering yoke seen in the pre-production model, and instead, opted for a good old-fashioned wheel. Yes, a wheel – three-spoke, flat-bottomed, and with proper buttons - none of that capacitive malarky. Nostalgia, anyone?

First look inside - MG unveils Cyberster's striking interior

The wheel comes with a drive mode selector and all the extra functions, just as the original yoke, but with that cozy, 'classic' feel. Perhaps MG realized that not all drivers are aspiring spaceship pilots. Or maybe it was paying attention to the Tesla Yoke-gate, or maybe - it was just cheaper.

Steering apparatus aside, the next glaring change is the interior color. The Cyberster traded in its tri-color theme from the pre-production model for an all-red vibe. Minus the roof and pillars, which are black – possibly a nod to its former identity or a realization that complete red interiors are too dazzling even for an MG.

Now, the MG Cyberster, in keeping with its earlier prototype, remains a convertible – a two-door roadster, to be exact. You'll find roof control buttons, among others, conveniently placed in the center tunnel, which also houses a 'fascinating' collection of touch-sensitive climate-control buttons. Quite why would the MG opt for capacitive buttons here - we’re not sure.

First look inside - MG unveils Cyberster's striking interior

Performance-wise, the Cyberster promises 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds, thanks to two electric motors dishing out a meaty 544 hp. There is a single-motor version with a 314 hp motor sitting on the rear axle. There are two battery options - 64 kWh and 77 kWh which promise 311 miles and 360 miles of range, respectively. Those numbers are supplied by CLTC which means they are technically impossible to achieve. Unless you prefer to look at the car rather than drive it.

In terms of price, the Cyberster isn't exactly an everyman's car. Slated to hit the Chinese markets this year, it's expected to retail from RMB 300,000 ($41,460). But when it lands in the UK, and possibly in Europe, it'll show up with a price tag of between $67,900 and $80,200. Painful is probably the nicest word that springs to our minds right now.

First look inside - MG unveils Cyberster's striking interior

While these numbers might make your wallet shudder, it's the Cyberster's competition that might make MG break into a cold sweat. It's going head-to-head with legacy brands like BMW and Porsche. Is the MG Cyberster a match for BMW's Z4 and Porsche's 718 Boxster, which command comparable or even lower price points? Will people really stop and think - “should I get a Porsche or MG?”

There is no doubt, the MG Cyberster is an interesting mix of conventional and futuristic elements. It's got a familiar yet forward-thinking interior and it comes with a bold performance claim. It is the very first electric roadster (ok, Tesla was first but that’s history) on the market but is pricing it on the level with Porsche Boxster a smart move? Let the time be the judge.


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They finalli remembered that when you drive, you d'ont always look where the hand go ... So regulars buttons with feedback on the digits is far better than capacitive SH!TE. 🥳

  • Anonymous

"Yes, a wheel – three-spoke, flat-bottomed, and with proper buttons - none of that capacitive malarky. Nostalgia, anyone?" Or maybe practicality. Good to see either way.



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