Genesis GV60 gains the world’s first face recognition

Max McDee, 05 June 2023

Genesis updated the GV60 with a host of new features for the model year 2023. The GV60 is the posh version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, and arguably - the best-looking out of the trio. This shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, Genesis is the upmarket brand of the Hyundai Group and its vehicles offer seriously high levels of luxury and comfort, but the latest EV range adds more flair to the electric car world.

Genesis updates the GV60 - more comfort and world’s first face recognition

The GV60 gets an improved facial recognition system called Face Connect. It allows the owner to enter and drive the vehicle away without the need for a keyfob or a mobile phone. Its NIR (near infrared) camera coupled with an advanced image processor, can safely identify the owner in any conditions - be it at night or when it’s raining. The added benefit is the extensive profile recognition - once the vehicle knows who’s the driver, it adjusts everything to the individual requirements. In the time it takes for the door to open to the driver sitting down - everything is adjusted and ready.

The improved Digital Key 2.0 comes pre-installed as well, it allows the GV60 owners to share their car without having to be present. Up to three users can be registered with the vehicle and have their own individual profiles. The Digital Key 2.0 uses Bluetooth, UWB, and NFC to ensure a safe and reliable connection and improved security. Additional improvements involve welcoming lights coming on when the driver is about 39 inches away from the vehicle and position recognition - the vehicle knows which door is the driver standing by and can automatically open the tailgate without any interaction required.

Genesis updates the GV60 - more comfort and world’s first face recognition

To top it off, the GV60 comes with fingerprint recognition. The vehicle can be activated by simply pressing a thumb against the sensor, making the keyfob and a mobile phone no longer necessary. All these solutions improve safety, they can be used exclusively or together and act as a multi-layer system to ensure only authorized people have access to the car.

The 2023 GV60 comes with Plug & Charge system, the car uses the latest PCID system that allows the owner to charge it at public stations without the need for payment cards or mobile phones. The payment information is stored in the vehicle, and as soon as the charger is plugged in, the data is exchanged with the service provider. Genesis has a contract with Shell Recharge and through its Genesis Charge Pass service, the new Plug & Charge solution makes the owner’s life even more convenient.

Genesis updates the GV60 - more comfort and world’s first face recognition

Speaking of convenience and comfort - the 2023 GV60 gets Premium Relaxation Comfort front seats, which at a touch of a button recline completely. Both front and rear seats are now heated, while the front seats offer ventilation as well. The driver gets an ErgoMotion seat with 7 air cells offering maximum comfort and unprecedented adjustability. The seat adjusts as well according to the drive mode selected - in Sport, it firms upside support, in Comfort, it’s set to soft cushioning. The seat is recognized and approved by the German AGR for minimizing fatigue and for offering exceptional comfort.

To round up the 2023 improvements, Genesis added laminated acoustic glass to the rear of the vehicle, heated rear seats, and the Second Row Comfort Package is now standard. Ambient lighting has 64 colors to choose from and the new climate control comes with advanced air purification with anti-bacterial filters.

Genesis updates the GV60 - more comfort and world’s first face recognition


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