Global EV battery market surges almost 72% in 2022, CATL still the leader

Ro, 08 February 2023

The global EV battery market saw a significant uptick in 2022, with a total of 517.9GWh worth of batteries installed on BEV, PHEV and HEV. That's a 71.8% increase year-over-year from 301.5GWh in 2021.

Global EV battery market surges almost 72% in 2022, CATL still the leader

CATL is still the undisputed leader in the segment, with a 37% market share and an impressive 92.5% growth year-over-year. LG Energy Solution and BYD are in a tie, each company representing 13.6% of the market. However, LG saw a rather modest growth of 18.5%, while BYD caught up to with a 167.1% increase in sales.

Manufacturer 2022 growth 2022 market share
CATL 92.5% 37.0%
LG Energy Solution 18.5% 13.6%
BYD 167.1% 13.6%
Panasonic 4.6% 7.3%
SK On 61.1% 5.4%
Samsung SDI 68.5% 4.7%
CALB 151.6% 3.9%
Gotion High-tech 112.2% 2.7%
Sunwoda 253.2% 1.8%
Farasis Energy 215.1% 1.4%
Others 55.9% 8.6%
Total 71.8% 100%

The Japanese Panasonic, and the Korean SK On and Samsung SDI also grew in 2022, but at a much slower pace.

The main reason for CATL's success throughout 2022 was the success of Tesla's Model 3, Model Y, GAC's Aion Y and the Zeekr 001. BYD, on the other hand, rides on the success of domestic BEVs and PHEVs.

Farasis Energy, which is a new entry at the top, grew a whopping 215.1% as Mercedes' main battery supplier for its EQ models.

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