Honda Prologue's key specs and design revealed

Ro, 06 October 2022

Honda partially introduced the Prologue today - a large SUV that should hit the roads in 2024. We say partially because we only have a couple of images and some basic specs to work with. It is designed in the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles and features the so-called "neo-rugged" design language. The images below show the car in North Shore Pearl.

Honda Prologue Honda Prologue Honda Prologue
Honda Prologue

The vehicle is positioned above the CR-V and features a long wheelbase of almost 3.1 meters. The total length is 4.88 meters, it's also rather wide - a few millimeters shy of 2 meters and stands 1.64 meters tall.

The pictures depict the Prologue in 21-inch wheels and judging by the back shots, the Prologue's highest trim will be called "Elite". Moreover, the AWD lettering on the back suggest a dual-motor system is going to be available on at least some models.

Honda Prologue Honda Prologue Honda Prologue
Honda Prologue

As for the interior, it's built around two big screens - the instrument cluster display is exactly 11" while the infotainment one is a tad larger - 11.3". The good news is that the climate controls along with other standard features are operated via physical buttons, which is probably a huge relief for most. Let's face it, virtual controls are just not as good.

Honda Prologue interior Honda Prologue interior
Honda Prologue interior

As of now, we don't have any info on the drivetrain, battery, weight, etc. More specs are expected in the coming months.



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  • Anonymous

Rear view mirrors are so 'yesterday' with cameras the future. The US will adapt like they have with the global metric system! (not). Flush mounted door handles are the way forward too with an APP and a APP button-press all it takes to ope...

  • AML

Looks like the grown up version of the Honda e.

  • My name is hojrot

Ami akta bisness korte cai


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