Huawei and Chery's answer to Tesla Model Y - Luxeed S9 spotted in China

Max McDee, 02 December 2023

Huawei is having a busy week when it comes to announcements and news related to its EV business. The latest scoop is the Luxeed S9, an all-electric fastback SUV brought to life through a joint venture between tech giant Huawei and Chery. Spotted during road tests in China, the Luxeed S9 is set to become a direct challenger to the Tesla Model Y, and it's already generating quite a buzz in the EV community.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the Luxeed S9 packs a punch with a single 292-horsepower electric motor from Huawei, situated on the rear axle. This powerplant promises decent performance and efficient driving, aligning it with the standards set by the Tesla Model Y. The 4WD version of the Luxeed S9 features an additional electric motor on the front axle with an output of 204 horsepower. That brings it to a rather spicy total of 496 horsepower - not quite as much as in the Model Y Performance but darn close.

One notable feature of the Luxeed S9 is its choice of three battery options. Buyers can select from the LFP battery with a capacity of 62 kWh, the M3P (NMC+LFP) battery with 82 kWh, or the high-capacity NMC battery offering 100 kWh. These options cater to different driving needs, from city commuting to long-distance road trips.

The Luxeed S9's exterior design reflects modern sensibilities and it stays close to the already-released S7. It features thin LED headlights, a sloped bonnet line, and sleek retractable door handles. A LiDAR sensor mounted on the roof adds to the vehicle's tech-savvy appearance. At the rear, the Luxeed S9 boasts slanted rear pillars, a subtle ducktail spoiler, and a striking single LED tail light unit. The vehicle's 116.14 inches wheelbase ensures a spacious and comfortable interior.

Inside, the Luxeed S9 maintains a design continuity with its sedan sibling, the Luxeed S7. We have the compact oval-shaped three-spoke steering wheel and front seats with integrated headrests, showcasing a sporty aesthetic. A large floating touchscreen dominates the center console, accompanied by an LCD instrument panel and a Face ID sensor on the front pillar. The center tunnel features two cup holders and wireless charging pads. To let the outdoors in, this EV comes equipped with a spacious sunroof.

Artist's impression of the Luxeed S9 Artist's impression of the Luxeed S9
Artist's impression of the Luxeed S9

While the Luxeed S9's price range has not yet been disclosed, it's positioned squarely as a rival to the Tesla Model Y in the Chinese market. For reference, the Model Y is priced between RMB 266,400 and RMB 363,900 (approximately $37,450 to $51,150). The Luxeed S9 is expected to hit Chinese roads in the second quarter of 2024 and as it inches closer to its launch, it remains to be seen whether it has what it takes to challenge established competitors in the world’s busiest EV market.


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  • Anonymous

So, Huawei thinks they can take on Tesla with their new S9? I highly doubt it! Tesla has been dominating the EV market for years, and it'll take a lot more than a joint venture to dethrone them.

  • Anonymous

answer to Tesla? pfft....maybe try that statement again after Huawei has designed some pants wetting cars for 10 years, put one some name that makes sense to us, and have their CEO dances on the stage.

  • sayabosanhidup

almost perfect back design and hope they will design a better one for the front car+hope fully it will also be available over here as im planning to get one one day !



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