Hyundai will fix wireless CarPlay and Android Auto integration

Max McDee, 28 June 2023

Hyundai has recently confirmed that it will offer wireless compatibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone mirroring software on models fitted with navigation. This wireless functionality will first make its debut on the second-generation Kona electric crossover.

In the past, Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis vehicles equipped with integrated satellite navigation systems did not offer the wireless versions of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This was due to a long-standing dispute with a prominent smartphone software manufacturer over priority access to the navigation shortcut button in the vehicle's interior.

This issue did not extend to Hyundai models that lacked a factory navigation system, as the conflict over priority did not exist. However, with the dispute now resolved, upcoming Hyundai models boasting integrated satellite navigation will come with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This upgrade will even apply to some existing models due to backward compatibility.

Hyundai breaks new ground with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto integration

Hyundai, the South Korean auto manufacturer, is scheduled to introduce this wireless functionality across a range of vehicles, including the new-generation Kona, from October 2023 onwards. Guido Shenken, Hyundai Australia's senior PR manager, revealed that the modification will be backward-compatible on some models, although he could not specify which ones beyond the Kona. "The resolution will come as a software update, however, we can't currently confirm the models to which the backward compatibility will apply. More details will be shared in the months ahead," Shenken explained.

Schenken also confirmed that Hyundai is currently researching which models will have backward compatibility. Although there's a high expectation that new-generation Kona units delivered before the fourth quarter of 2023 will be eligible for updates, the confidence in other recent models being able to receive these updates is somewhat lower.

Hyundai breaks new ground with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto integration

The software updates will be distributed primarily via over-the-air update functionality. Yet, it's uncertain how vehicles lacking this feature will receive the update. Hyundai introduced over-the-air update functionality to its line-up with the Palisade last year and later extended it to models like the Tucson, Venue, and Ioniq 6. However, how this feature will be applied to cars that do not have it is yet to be clarified. This new wireless feature is poised to enhance the user experience and shows Hyundai's commitment to improving its technology.

Hyundai's announcement to offer wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone mirroring software is a significant advancement, indicating their commitment to improving customer experience. The resolution of a longstanding dispute over this feature is a promising step. However, the lack of specifics on backward compatibility for existing models and how updates will be provided to vehicles lacking over-the-air functionality leaves room for improvement. Overall, this development is a positive stride for Hyundai in the competitive tech-driven auto industry, though further clarity on certain aspects is needed.



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FYI. Wireless CarPlay has arrived on the US 2024 Kona SEL w/ Convenience pkg and Nav. You have to manually download the update via the Nav Updater at, install and log in as guest. Download the file for the 2024 Kona, which com...

  • chrissy

I am hoping they can figure this out for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe. I have already said the new 2024 Hyundai is ugly and won't be upgrading to it.



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