Lancia teases the Ypsilon EV, coming next year

Ro, 27 November 2023

Lancia is back and it keeps teasing concepts and revealing bits of its plans for the future. For instance, the first flagship Lancia EV is scheduled for the 2026 with over 435 miles range. But until then, we have another model to look forward to - the Ypsilon. Today's teaser reveals some vague details regarding Lancia's first EV.

Lancia teases the Ypsilon EV, coming next year

The teaser image itself isn't showing much - we are likely looking at a small part of the central console with the Cassina inscription on it. As the press release points out, Lancia is planning to launch a Cassina Limited Edition variant of the Ypsilon, which will be produced in just 1906 units.

Cassina is an Italian luxury furniture company that worked with Lancia on the Ypsilon's interior. The goal is to make the passengers feel right at home with a comfortable and cozy vibe.

Lancia teases the Ypsilon EV, coming next year

Today marks the 117th anniversary of the Lancia brand, established in 1906, which is why the Ypsilon Cassina edition will be available in just 1906 units. Stellantis says that the Ypsilon EV will announced in February next year in Milan, Italy. Lancia also promises to reveal more details in the coming weeks, leading up to the actual announcement date.


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