Lucid chops $30,000 off the Air's price

Max McDee, 09 April 2024

Lucid Motors, a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer, has just thrown its hat into the price-war ring. The California-based automaker is slashing prices on the stunning Lucid Air sedan by up to $30,000.

The discounts, available through the end of April, vary depending on your Air trim level and can see the entry-level Air Pure go below the $60,000 mark.

Lucid Air gets $30,000 discount

All Lucid Air models are eligible for a $5,000 On-Site Vehicle Bonus. In addition, Los Angeles residents can snag a $15,000 Air Credit and a $9,650 Pro Credit on the Air Grand Touring model. It's worth noting that these specific credits won't necessarily apply across the board. For example, the base Air Pure sees a $12,500 Air Credit and a $2,900 Pro Credit.

So, is this a sign of an intensifying price war in the EV segment? It's certainly possible. With more and more compelling electric cars entering the market, manufacturers may be feeling the pressure to sweeten the deal for customers.

Lucid Air gets $30,000 discount

Remember, though, there are a few things to consider with Lucid's discounts. The credits are only valid for Air models that are already in stock, meaning you won't be able to fully configure the car to your liking. Also, you'll need to equip the vehicle with Lucid's DreamDrive Pro driver assistance system and the Surreal Sound Pro audio package.

Even in its base Pure trim, this EV is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting an estimated range of 406 miles and a 0-62 mph acceleration time of around 4.5 seconds, the Air delivers serious performance. Add in its sleek design, spacious cabin, and cutting-edge tech, and it's easy to see why the Air has garnered rave reviews.

Lucid Air gets $30,000 discount


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Than any “experience” I have ever had

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This is one of the dumbest comments I have read online and I have read many. These cars are amazing and so much better to drive than any existence in have ever had in a vehicle before.

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It will never happen. Best car on the market



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