Lucid Motors brings Air Pure RWD to Europe

Max McDee, 20 February 2024

Lucid Motors, the American EV startup known for its luxury vehicles, has made its Air sedan more accessible in Europe.

The company is introducing a new entry-level model in Germany, the Lucid Air Pure RWD. This rear-wheel-drive variant boasts 464 miles range on the WLTP cycle and delivers a respectable 325 kW (442 hp). It significantly undercuts the previous Pure model in Germany with a starting price of $91,200.

If you crave more power, the Air Touring and Air Grand Touring variants still offer increasing performance for $106,200 and $138,400 respectively. And those with truly deep pockets, the top-of-the-line Lucid Air Sapphire is set to debut in Europe later in 2024, boasting over 1,200 hp and a jaw-dropping $268,000 price tag.

Lucid Motors brings Air Pure RWD to Europe

The Pure can recoup up to 200 miles in just 17 minutes on a 350kW charger, with the Grand Touring doing even better at 12 minutes.

For those still sitting on the fence when it comes to buying the Air, the company has put together a sales package to make the EV transition a bit easier. All new Lucid models sold in Europe now come with a free 22 kWh Wallbox Pulsar Max home charger taking care of the overnight battery top-ups. The servicing is gratis as well - Lucid is throwing in 2 years of maintenance, as long as you don’t clock more than 24,900 miles.

There are some interesting lease offers available as well, at least in Germany for now. New Air Pure AWD can be had for $911 per month, Air Touring comes in at $1,018 per month and the Grand Touring will set you back $1,340 per month. There are many deals available and Lucid Finance is fairly flexible on lease deposits.

Lucid Motors brings Air Pure RWD to Europe

Back in the USA, Lucid Motors has lowered prices across its Air lineup. The Air Pure RWD now starts at $69,900 before the available $7,500 federal tax credit, potentially driving the effective price down to a far more enticing $62,400. The Air Touring comes in at $77,900 (with an $8,000 price reduction), and the Air Grand Touring's price now stands at $109,900.

As Lucid readies itself for its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, one question remains: will its unique focus on cutting-edge tech and undeniable luxury prove to be enough to draw customers away from the growing pool of established electric cars from seasoned automakers? With the all-new Gravity SUV joining its revised Air sedan lineup in Geneva, there's no doubt that Lucid Motors is a company to watch in the increasingly competitive EV world.


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