Lucid Motors unveils 2024 Air sedans with lower prices

Max McDee, 06 December 2023

Lucid Motors has revealed its 2024 model year Air sedans. These new offerings come with a lower starting price and more customization options, hoping to attract a wider audience.

Lucid Motors has been making waves in the EV market with its innovative technology, but it's been facing challenges in attracting a wider audience. The Q3 report showed widening operating losses, prompting the company to implement a referral program to boost demand. However, November marked a significant milestone for Lucid as it launched its second model, the Gravity SUV, which has the potential to become a hit in the United States.

Lucid Motors unveils 2024 Air sedans with lower prices

With the Gravity slated for production in late 2024, the Lucid Air sedan remains the company's only offering for the time being. To boost sales in the coming year, Lucid is updating its range and introducing its most affordable Air models to date.

The 2024 model year Air sedans provide customers with more choices and flexibility when configuring their vehicles. This applies especially to the lower-end Pure and Touring versions. Some previous Air versions have been discontinued, while the existing trims now offer some of their best features as standard or optional add-ons.

Lucid Motors unveils 2024 Air sedans with lower prices

Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson stated, "This transforms the flexibility and choice for our customers while highlighting Lucid's commitment to continuous improvement of the world's most advanced and dynamic electric vehicles. By listening to owners and prospective customers, I'm delighted that we can now provide such compelling choices. For example, it's now possible to order an Air Pure with massaging seats or even an Air Grand Touring with a metal roof."

It all starts with a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) version of the Air Pure, priced at $77,400 – making it the most affordable Lucid to date. While the 2024 Air Pure is available exclusively in RWD, it's essential to compare its performance with the previous all-wheel-drive (AWD) version:

2023 Air Pure AWD 2024 Air Pure RWD
Max Power: 480 hp Max Power: 430 hp
0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds 0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds
EPA Range (19" wheels): 410 miles EPA Range (19" wheels): 419 miles
Price: $82,400 Price: $77,400

The RWD version may have slightly less power and a slower 0-60 time, but it offers a similar range and comes at a lower price point. Additionally, customers can opt for the new Comfort & Convenience package, which includes features like a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, soft-close doors, four-zone climate control, and power rear window sunshades.

The 2024 Air Touring model has also received some updates. It remains Lucid's most affordable all-wheel-drive option, and its pricing is more attractive than its 2023 predecessor. Here's a comparison between the two:

2023 Air Touring AWD 2024 Air Touring AWD)
Max Power: 620 hp Max Power: 620 hp
0-60 mph: 3.4 seconds 0-60 mph: 3.4 seconds
EPA Range (19" wheels): 425 miles EPA Range (19" wheels): 411 miles
Price: $95,000 Price: $85,900

The 2024 Air Touring comes at a lower price and a slight drop in range compared to its 2023 counterpart. Lucid attributes this change to an updated EPA range testing protocol. However at 411 miles, it still outperforms most other EVs on the market.

When it comes to the Grand Touring, the Performance version will not be available in 2024. Instead, the company is working on enhancing the powertrain and thermal performance of the standard Air Grand Touring. Although specific details, including battery capacity, EPA range, and pricing, have not been disclosed, Lucid plans to share this information in early 2024. The 2023 Air Grand Touring starts at $125,600, but the 2024 version is expected to come at a lower price point.

Lucid Motors unveils 2024 Air sedans with lower prices

The 2024 Grand Touring will include a body-colored aluminum roof as a standard feature, with the option to upgrade to a glass canopy. It also shares the same standard features as the Touring model, along with various available add-ons.

Lucid Motors' 2024 model year Air sedans come with lower prices and enhanced customization options, making them more accessible to a broader audience. While some changes, like the introduction of the RWD Pure and updates to the Touring model, offer exciting prospects, the absence of the Performance version of the Grand Touring raises questions. Will we see a more powerful version that will bridge the gap to the Sapphire?


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The Gravity is Lucid's second model and it has the potential to be a hit in the US. I'm excited about this because it's always great to have more options.



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