Maserati unveils GranCabrio Folgore: electric luxury droptop done right

Max McDee, 16 April 2024

Italian automaker Maserati took the next step on its electrification journey by launching the GranCabrio Folgore. This electrifying convertible boasts a stunning design and performance figures to make enthusiasts swoon. It's a testament to the automaker's commitment to blending tradition and innovation.

Maserati unveils GranCabrio Folgore: electric luxury droptop done right

The GranCabrio Folgore draws its genes from the recently introduced GranTurismo Folgore coupe. "Folgore," the Italian word for lightning, hints at the nature of the power under the hood...or, in this case, the floor. Featuring a unique tri-motor setup, this Italian stallion unleashes a colossal 818 horsepower (in max boost mode) with an awe-inspiring 996 lb-ft of torque. This soft-top rockets from 0-62 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds!

The 93kWh battery pack (total capacity, usable 83 kWh) strategically rests in a "T-bone" arrangement, ensuring the correct weight distribution and maintaining a sleek profile. It's an 800-volt architecture too, enabling the GranCabrio Folgore to juice up at up to 270kW. This means you could, in theory, add about 62 miles of range for every 5 minutes hooked up to a sufficiently fast charger.

While petrol-heads might miss the roar of a classic V6, the electric convertible isn't completely silent. Maserati engineers went the extra mile, capturing the signature notes of their gasoline engines and weaving them into the symphony of the electric motors. The result is described in the press materials as a subtle, futuristic purr enhanced by a premium sound system.

The GranCabrio Folgore sports a retractable roof just like its fuel-powered counterpart. Yet, there are subtle nods to its electric heart: a unique copper-inspired paint job and a distinctive grille – the very opposite of the slatted one you'd find on the V6 version.

Inside, the GranCabrio Folgore features leather trims alongside recycled materials, like laser-etched nylon fabrics.

Maserati is ahead of many rival legacy automakers – Ferrari and Lamborghini are still flirting with electrification. Maserati is all-in, with an entire electric range set to rival its internal combustion lineup.

It's a gamble, particularly as luxury EV competition ramps up – especially from Chinese automakers like Nio and YangWang. But with its blend of heart-pounding performance and timeless Italian style, the GranCabrio Folgore is not without its chances.


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