MediaTek and Nvidia partnership to revolutionize in-vehicle AI solutions

Max McDee, 30 May 2023

When two giants of the electronics industry partner up, the outcome should be interesting. In this case, MediaTek and Nvidia are entering a partnership on one of the most popular products at the moment - AI. The two companies will work together to develop the next-generation AI-driven in-vehicle solutions for connected cars.

Both MediaTek and Nvidia already have their own, highly accomplished in-vehicle platforms. MediaTek has Dimensity Auto, and Nvidia offers a complete suite of software and hardware - Drive OS, Drive IX, CUDA, and TensorRT. Both companies offer ready-made solutions for automakers in the field of infotainment and autonomous driving, and both are highly invested in AI.

MediaTek and NVIDIA partnership to revolutionize in-vehicle AI solutions

The partnership will allow MediaTek to develop an automotive SoC with an integrated Nvidia GPU. This solution will offer built-in Nvidia AI and graphics IP. The smart in-cabin solutions offered by MediaTek will run Nvidia OS with the TensorRT technology, with the full range of AI-driven functions, and of course, the cutting-edge graphics from Nvidia .

This is going to be a comprehensive upgrade for MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto. The company will have the opportunity to use Nvidia ADAS together with NVIDIA’s expertise, not only in AI but in cloud computing and graphics software, as well as technology. Put that together with MediaTek’s expertise in high-speed connectivity and extensive Android ecosystem supported by years of experience in mobile computing - and we have potentially the biggest news on our hands.

MediaTek and NVIDIA partnership to revolutionize in-vehicle AI solutions

There is no escaping the fact that in-car technology has moved on, and those companies who fail to realize that quick enough, will have serious issues - the example of Volkswagen is perfect to prove the point here. Countless delays affecting the release of new vehicles and thousands of disappointed customers - all because of ignoring the importance of software and its part in customer’s experience.

NVIDIA has one of the most comprehensive and advanced solutions for in-car entertainment and ADAS, and MediaTek is simply tapping a gold mine here. The partnership will emulate the idea introduced by Huawei with its Huawei Inside program, although it goes further than just in-car software and hardware - it provides drivetrain technology as well.

MediaTek and NVIDIA partnership to revolutionize in-vehicle AI solutions

Whether we like it or not, cars are becoming software-driven, they are turning into mobile phones on wheels. The in-car experience has gone from enjoying the drive and the scenery to being completely immersed in our digital lives. Always-connected vehicles offer uninterrupted productivity and new levels of entertainment that we couldn’t even imagine possible a few years ago. And that’s before we even talk about autonomous driving. NVIDIA and MediaTek together? This will change the world - yet again.



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