Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQB facelifts step it up a notch

Max McDee, 24 August 2023

Mercedes has decided to sprinkle a little more stardust on its compact electric darlings, the EQA and EQB. What can you expect? Well, let’s just say, if cars could go to a spa for a facelift, these two just got the royal treatment.

Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQA Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQA

First off, the front. We’re getting a new black panel surface flaunting a star pattern. Linked by a light band, the headlights now wear daytime running lights like the latest fashion accessory. And just in case that doesn’t grab your attention, they’ve beefed up the bumper. Apparently, broader is better. The rear hasn’t been ignored either. Changes to the taillights mean they’ve ditched last season's look.

Inside, it's a whole new world. The upgraded steering wheel boasts touch control panels, and if you fancy a sprinkle of luxury, how about trim in brown lime open-pore wood? Oh, and there's a backlit Mercedes-Benz pattern, because subtlety is, you know, overrated.

Beyond the visuals these compact beauties offer up to four Sound Experiences in partnership with the Burmester surround sound system. And if you've been itching for a concert-like experience in your car, Dolby Atmos is here to make your musical dreams come true.

Mercedes knows that by tweaking aerodynamics and through tire optimization, you could push an electric car's range. The EQA now glides up to a whopping 348 miles. But if that’s not enough to impress your eco-friendly neighbor, the car can also limit functions like air conditioning to maximize the range.

Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQB Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQB

For those longing to tow their weekend getaway trailer, the EQB now has an option for a trailer hitch. Before you imagine hauling a mansion, it can tow up to 3,748 lb. More than enough for a weekend escape!

Remember those sci-fi movies where everything was just... automatic? Well, we’re inching ever-so closer. With the Mercedes meCharge function, plugging in your EQA or EQB to a public charging point sets the charging process in motion, sans the lengthy authentication dance. Payment details are stored in the vehicle so there’s no need to fumble for credit cards and even if you left your wallet back at home, your new Mercedes still can get juiced up.

MBUX, Mercedes’ digital cockpit system, hasn’t been left out of this makeover. Now part of the standard equipment, the presentation boasts enhanced charging features and an intelligent voice assistant that's apparently been to school and is now even better at dialogue and learning.

Mercedes has been producing cars net-carbon-neutral since 2022, including the EQA and EQB, and the company promises that with the refreshed EQA and EQB, it is pushing the boundaries even further. Few years back nobody thought that carbon footprint would be an important part of car sales, now it is as ubiquitous as electric windows and ABS.

Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQB step it up a notch

Both the EQA and EQB got their first refresh, it’s not a midlife upgrade but it is a decent refresh. It brings all the latest tech, it updates the look and gives the Mercedes a good excuse to bump up the prices - you know that’s coming.


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