Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV goes on sale in China, way cheaper than EQS SUV

Vik Braykov, 29 May 2023

A new electric SUV by Mercedes-Benz is now on sale in China. The EQE SUV is a midsize model and it costs approximately half as much as the bigger EQS SUV. It slots neatly above the EQC, allowing the German luxury brand to better capitalize on the rapidly growing EV segment in China.

The EQE SUV went on sale on May 27 by Beijing Benz, which is Mercedes-Benz's joint venture in China. The vehicle is based on the EVA electric platform. The prices start at RMB 486,000 ($68,660) and go all the way to RMB 630,600 ($89,113). The EQS SUV, which was launched in February this year starts at RMB 910,500 ($128,667).

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV goes on sale in China, significantly cheaper than EQS SUV

EQE SUV will be available in two powertrains - 350 4MATIC and 500 4MATIC. They will have have all-wheel-drive with 215 and 300 kW output respectively. The base model needs 6.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h from a standstill, while the more powerful 500 variant does it in just 5.1 seconds.

The EQE SUV has a wheelbase of 3,030 mm and measures 4,880 mm in length, 2,032 mm in width and 1,679 mm in height. This size allows for a hefty battery pack with a 96.1 kWh capacity, which is good for 613 km range (CLTC). It takes 48 minutes to charge from 10 to 80%, thanks to a maximum charging power of 128 kW.

Comfort is in the hands of Mercedes' Adaptive Damping System Plus (ADS+) and the proven air ride suspension AIRMATIC. EQE SUV is going on sale with the ambition to boost the reputation of Mercedes-Benz in China, where the brand is not exactly amongst the most popular choices when it comes to EV sales.



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