Mercedes-Geely Smart #1 finally available in Switzerland and Spain

Max McDee, 18 July 2023

The Mercedes-Benz and Geely partnership's brainchild, Smart, has finally hit the roads of Switzerland and Spain with its latest offering - the Smart #1. Following its successful volume deliveries in Germany and France, this electric crossover's launch in two new territories signifies a cautious but unstoppable push for market expansion. Thankfully, the electric ride doesn't stop here, with Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal already next in line for Smart #1 debut.

The Smart brand, a stalwart in the micro-premium car market since 1998, underwent a dramatic metamorphosis in 2020. Mercedes-Benz and Geely pooled their expertise to transform the brand into a vanguard of the electric revolution. This synergy resulted in a unique agreement: Mercedes-Benz's aesthetically-superior designs meet Geely's top-tier (and affordable) engineering prowess, and the resulting Smart electric cars are born in state-of-the-art factories in China.

Mercedes-Geely Smart #1 finally available in Switzerland and Spain

In the Chinese market, Smart boasts two models - the Smart #1, which began sales in September 2022, and the Smart #3, launched in June this year. With a promise of rolling out a fresh all-electric model each year from 2022 through 2024, Smart intends to embellish the landscape of next-gen electric family vehicles - and we will be gifted a couple more interesting EVs.

June was a remarkable month for Smart, witnessing a surge in Chinese deliveries by almost 46%, totaling 3,829 units. For the first half of the year, Smart made a handsome delivery of 23,540 units in China. If numbers could speak, they would sing the praises of Smart's growing market presence.

Mercedes-Geely Smart #1 finally available in Switzerland and Spain

In Europe, Smart adopts a different sales strategy compared to its standalone outlets in China. Their vehicles are showcased in existing Mercedes-Benz stores, reflecting a subtle yet effective hybrid sales model. With nearly 300 sales and service outlets spread across 13 European countries, Smart's geographical footprint is expanding without an extensive financial outlay.

Smart recently grabbed headlines when Tianqi Lithium, a Chinese lithium powerhouse, led a Series A financing round, pumping $150 million into the company. This bolstered Smart's valuation to a whopping $5.3 billion, quite a 'smart' move for the aspiring lithium titan, eh?

Mercedes-Geely Smart #1 finally available in Switzerland and Spain

Four models are available - Pro+, Premium, Brabus, and Launch Edition. The cheapest Pro+ starts at $46,600 in Spain while the dearest Brabus version starts from $53,500. In Switzerland, the same models are priced from $43,400 and $50,600 respectively. In Germany, where the Smart #1 has been on sale for a few months now, the Pro+ is not available; instead, there is the Premium version which starts at $48,280, and the Brabus is priced at $52,570 making Spain yet again one of the most expensive markets for an EV.

With the Smart #1 cruising on Swiss and Spanish roads, and the Smart #3 prepping for its Europe launch next year, the brand is trying hard to electrify our roads and hearts, one electric SUV (or crossover) at a time. It's a real shame the company decided to take advantage of the high demand for EVs and wants to squeeze every last cent out of its customers. In China, Smart #1 Pulse starts at $32,100 while Brabus is priced at $40,600 at current exchange prices. With those prices, there's no surprise the brand is popular in its domestic market, but why do other countries have to pay the premium?


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