Nevs Emily GT gets a lifeline from Canadian EV startup

Max McDee, 03 December 2023

An unexpected turn of events has brought new hope to a remarkable creation. The Nevs Emily GT, a 621 miles electric saloon developed by former Saab engineers, is back on track for production, thanks to its acquisition by Canadian start-up EV Electra. This striking EV has made waves since its unveiling, offering a tantalizing alternative to established rivals like the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S.

Nevs, which acquired the rights to Saab's assets when the iconic brand faced bankruptcy in 2012, embarked on a journey to create the Emily GT, a four-door, five-seat electric car with impressive capabilities. With a massive 175 kWh battery, it claims to provide a range of more than 620 miles on a single charge. This remarkable range stems from its efficient engineering and the foresight to include battery capacities of 140 kWh and 105 kWh in its original plans.

Nevs Emily GT gets a lifeline from Canadian EV startup

One of the Emily GT's standout features is its in-wheel motors, each delivering 121 hp and mounted at all four corners. This setup grants the Emily GT a total power output of 484 hp, allowing for finer control of torque vectoring. In fact, this vectoring is so advanced that the car can make turns without relying on the steering wheel, showcasing the car's cutting-edge technology.

To ensure a comfortable ride, Nevs implemented an air suspension system with active dampers, effectively counteracting any negative impact on ride quality caused by the increased unsprung weight from the in-wheel motors. Not content with just this, Nevs had plans for a high-performance variant of the Emily GT, targeting impressive outputs of 653 hp and 1,623 lb-ft. This would substantially reduce its 0-62 mph sprint time from 4.6 seconds in the standard model, to an impressive 3.2 seconds.

Nevs Emily GT gets a lifeline from Canadian EV startup

The Emily GT's striking design, reminiscent of the final Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5, was initially penned by an unnamed Italian designer and later refined by former Saab designers. This aesthetic pays homage to Saab's rich history while embracing modern EV trends.

The road to production was not without its challenges. Nevs, under the ownership of the Evergrande Group, initially greenlit the production of 20 prototypes. However, financial troubles faced by Evergrande in 2020 meant that only six prototypes were built. In April, Peter Dahl, the Emily program director and former Saab engineer, expressed optimism about the project's future, noting that it was about a year and a half away from completion.

Nevs Emily GT gets a lifeline from Canadian EV startup

But then, Evergrande put Nevs into "hibernation" mode, resulting in layoffs of most of its employees. Amidst this uncertainty, Polestar stepped in and leased part of Nevs's Trollhättan factory, intending to use it as an R&D base for its upcoming EVs.

In a surprising twist of fate, Canadian start-up EV Electra entered the scene and acquired the Nevs Emily GT project. This move breathes new life into the ambitious EV, signaling a revival for the iconic Saab legacy.

Nevs Emily GT gets a lifeline from Canadian EV startup

EV Electra's founder and CEO, Jihad Mohammad, expressed confidence in the venture, highlighting the importance of in-house production and strong financial foundations. He also praised Trollhättan's skilled personnel, positioning the acquisition of the Emily GT as a significant milestone in the company's pursuit of innovation and sustainability.


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